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Homestead Happenings 10/6/19

Homestead Happenings 10/6/19

Life on the farm always has ups and downs. We've had some of each this week, but as usual, the ups have outnumbered the downs. For instance, we have had baby goats born almost every day! 

Parley, Parfait, and Parkour

First, on Sunday, Pearl had triplets. Meet Parley, Parfait, and Parkour!

Dang It and Darn It

On Monday, Alabaster had twin boys that we named Dang It and Darn It! To hear the reason behind their names, watch this Facebook Live.

Thistle Thrasher and Thimble

Tuesday, Topaz went into labor. It was a very difficult birth and the first one didn't make it. We tried everything including mouth to mouth, but nothing worked. It was a very sad loss, but we are happy that we were able to save his siblings and mom. Meet Thistle, Thrasher, and Thimble! 

Flora Fauna Merriweather

On Wednesday we had even more babies! Flo surprised us all and had triplet doelings. Meet Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather!

John-boy before he passed away

Our beloved barn cat John-Boy passed away on Wednesday. We are devastated by this loss. He is truly going to be missed.

Apple Processing

We didn't have any baby goats born on Thursday, but Kellie from MI brought 50 bushels of apples!! Unfortunately, we forgot to get pictures before Mason processed them all. 

Sheila the baby goat

But on Friday, we woke up (Mason got a text from the Patron moderators, and went to help deliver) to another baby on the farm! Sara had one doeling, who we named Sheila!

Impediment, Impressive, and Impartial

Saturday, Integrity had triplet boys! We named them Impediment, Impressive, and Impartial!

I love seeing all the little baby Nigerian Dwarf goats running around, they're just so cute!

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