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Homestead Happenings 12/29/19

Homestead Happenings 12/29/19


This week was so much fun! On Sunday, my friend came over, and we had a great time!

Christmas Eve was on Tuesday, and we got the day off from work! Unfortunately, our fridge broke, mom was sick, and nobody wanted to work because it was our day off. But we got it all fixed, and everything was fine! 

Camping Christmas Eve

We started a tradition last year where we camp outside (just in the front yard) on Christmas Eve! I did it this year, and it was a lot of fun! Or not... 😜 I got super cold even though we had pretty good sleeping bags. But I've never camped before really, so I wasn't surprised. I ended up going inside at around 3:40. But I stayed in the tent for most of the night so it was ok, and I didn't break the tradition!

I woke up on Christmas to Hewitt, Jade, and Greyden telling/yelling about how they slept. I rushed downstairs and told them my story. And then we sat around and waited for other people to wake up. We started making cinnamon rolls, and all of a sudden, more people woke up. Coincidence? I think not! 


After we had all eaten as many (and more) cinnamon rolls as we could, we realized that Fletcher still wasn't awake! And it was like 10. So we decided to go wake him up by jumping on him, and doing a dog pile! He wasn't very happy with us, but he got happy as soon as he ate cinnamon rolls! We then opened presents. I'm not going to tell you everything that I got, because that would take a while! And then we were back to work the next day! 

 Mayor Graham

On Friday, Mason catered our Mayors good-bye party, and he did a great job. My favorite part was the chocolate fountain! We absolutely love Mayor Graham, and what he did for Scott County!

Chocolate Fountain

I hope everyone else had as great of a Christmas as I did!



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Indigo Jonas - January 2, 2020

Ruth – Thank you, I did!

Indigo Jonas - January 2, 2020

Paula – Thank you so much for the advice!! I will definitely try it again, and hopefully, I won’t get too cold! :) Happy New Year to you too!

Paula - January 2, 2020

I LOVE your new Christmas Eve tradition and am so glad you were adventurous enough to give camping a try! I live in Michigan where evenings can get a little chilly even in the summertime. But with the right clothes and sleeping bags to keep you warm through the night, waking to the crisp air, birds chirping and sun rising is one of life’s most beautiful gifts. Try it again with a warm pair of socks and a cozy hat or your favorite hoodie. I bet you’ll get through the night just fine. 😉 Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!

Ruth Peterson - January 2, 2020

You had a great family Christmas. Happy New Year to the whole Jonas family.

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