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Homestead Happenings 2/2/20

Homestead Happenings 2/2/20

So since last week I wasn't feeling well, this week was basically just catching up on all of the stuff that I'd missed. I wrote all of the Homestead Happenings from vacation and did a bunch of other stuff as well. 

Eye appointments

We all had eye appointments and dentist appointments this week, so trying to juggle appointments plus what we already do has been kind of hectic! On Tuesday, Hewitt and I had an orthodontist appointment, in which I got great news. I am hopefully getting my braces off in June, which is before summer, and I'm super excited about that! 

Merry and Gandalf

On Wednesday, Greyden found our cat Gandalf the Grey by the side of the road. We are all super sad. Unfortunately, that's life when you live on a farm.


The barn crew is getting all the blackberry bushes trimmed and finished, and they are doing a great job! They've been doing that for a few days now, and hopefully, it will all be done soon.

 Rooster and Emery

Saturday we had our first baby goat (other than Valley's, who doesn't really count as the season) of the season. Reign had a single buckling who we named Rooster!

That's all for this week!

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Indigo Jonas - March 6, 2020

Deanna – Thank you! Yes, I’m super excited to get them off, it’s a pretty big deal.

Deanna Freeman - March 6, 2020

Good job, Indigo. I know getting your braces off is a big deal. My granddaughter is 14 and I know she was thrilled when hers came off. I’m sorry about your kitty. I live in Indianapolis now but previously lived in a rural area in Perry County, in the Tell City vicinity. We unfortunately lost pets as well and it was always a sad thing to cope with. Keep up the good work. Warm regards, Deanna Freeman

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