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Homestead Happenings 2/23/2020

Homestead Happenings 2/23/2020

This week we've been under a lot of construction!

Hewitt's broken nose

Hewitt broke his nose! It actually happened last week, but I forgot to put it in the homestead happenings. For those of you who wondered what happened, he got in a fight with a trash can, and the trash can won! The picture doesn't show it super well, but if you look at his lip, you can see how swollen it is on the left side.


As I said, we've been having loads of construction. Lucky and his guys are trying to get everything done as fast as they can so that it will be ready to open up on March 1st!

We got our pizza oven! It's absolutely huge, and we will be able to make lots of pizza with it!!

Here's a little bit of the construction inside the sweet shop.

We got chicks! On Thursday due to construction processes, we lost power on the farm. We knew this was going to happen, and had prepped almost everything. But we forgot that the chicks would need power for their heat lamps! Luckily, dad saw them just a few minutes after the power was turned off, and brought them back to the house (the only place we had power). We had a few generators, but they went to other things. So go daddy, he saved all of the chicks!

We've had tons of baby goats this month, and Thor (our oldest Great Pyrenees dog) is so sweet that we let him in with the baby goats. He has fun watching them jump and play, and he also keeps them safe. 

On Saturday, Grandma and Poppy came! I'm super excited because it's the first time in a while that I've had them here on my birthday!

That's all this week!

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Indigo Jonas - March 6, 2020

Kathy – Thanks, I’m glad you like them!

Indigo Jonas - March 6, 2020

Patt – I’m so glad! Yes, coming to the farm is much more fun than ordering online. Thank you!

Indigo Jonas - March 6, 2020

Kathleen – Thank you, my birthday was the 23rd! We think that maybe he ran into the car, not the car running into him. Which is super sad. Hewitt’s nose is getting much better! He didn’t get black and blue eyes, which surprised most of us!

Indigo Jonas - March 6, 2020

Karol – Thank you! I’m glad you like them! I might, but I think i’m going to stay with Goat Milk Stuff! :)

Indigo Jonas - March 6, 2020

Sue – Yay! Yes, Hewitt is very strong.

Indigo Jonas - March 6, 2020

Mary Lee – I’m really glad that you like the posts! Hewitt’s nose is feeling much better!

Indigo Jonas - March 6, 2020

Ruth – You’re very welcome! And yes, the sweet shop looks great!

Kathy - March 6, 2020

Great job, love keeping in touch of what’s happening!!

Patt Sayer - March 6, 2020

Indigo, we so enjoy hearing all the news from the farm! We moved to Buckeye, AZ in 2017 and really miss our visits and shopping all the great products not to mention the Sweet Shop. We are very happy everything is going great for all your family! God Bless you all.

Kathleen Dalheim - March 6, 2020

Wow, I can’t believe all of the baby goats you have there. That is so cool. I hope one day we can make a trip out there. Happy belated birthday to you. What day was your birthday?
Sorry about your grey colored cat. That is so sad someone hit him. People are suppose to stop even for a cat, but some do not.
Hope your brother’s nose is gettinh better now. I am sure he must have a couple of black and blue eyes by now. My Mom fell and broke her nose on the ice one year and boy, she looked lime she got beat up! It was awlful. Her face was so colored up.
Good luck to all of you and keep up the good work that you do.

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