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Homestead Happenings 9/15/19

Homestead Happenings 9/15/19

Greyden has been enjoying running cross country and doing pretty well.

Greyden Jonas at Cross Country Race

He also got his driver's license! Over the past few months, he has been buying lots of parts and working really hard on fixing up Dad's 1994 GMC truck, so now that he can drive by himself, it is HIS truck! He's kind of excited.

Colter, Emery, & Ashton managed to get off the farm for an ultimate disc tournament. Their team, the Indiana Pterodactyl Attack, had a great time, played hard, and in their new uniforms, they even looked good doing it!

PJ Jonas at Free the Dream

Speaking of looking good off the farm, Mom had an occasion to put on a dress! That doesn't happen much these days, but since she was speaking at the Free the Dream conference in Franklin, Tennessee, it seemed appropriate. Her talk was about including loved ones while "freeing your dream," just like she and Dad did when building Goat Milk Stuff!


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