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Homestead Happenings 9/29/19

Homestead Happenings 9/29/19

Bagging Goat Milk Soap with Grammy and Gumpy

This week Dad's parents, Grammy & Gumpy, drove from NH to see us. They do a great job helping out on the farm while we get a chance to visit and make some memories with them.

Emery and Indigo Paint and a Pint

We also had another "Paint & A Pint" event where we make some art and eat some gelato. Since it's Fall now, a pumpkin was our subject. Most people followed our local artist friend, Susanna, pretty closely. Indigo, Callie, & I went a little more on our own ideas. Interesting...

Paint and a Pint Group

The week ended with us at the Madison Chautauqua Festival of Arts. We talked to a lot of people about how our goat milk soap has helped so many with their skin conditions like eczema. We also drank a lot of water due to the record high temperatures! Mason also had our cheese at the local winery's event a block away, so many people ended up buying goat milk soap and goat cheese! It was fun to talk to so many of our loyal customers, and meet new ones, too.

Fletcher Jonas Selling Goat Milk Soap at Madison Chautauqua 


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