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Homestead Happenings February 2019

Homestead Happenings February 2019

Normally February is the month where the majority of our baby goats are born. But this year was a bit different. We decided to delay kidding season so that we could be at Disney World to celebrate Poppy's 80th birthday!

It was a wonderful trip filled with fun, family, and friends and even a bit of warm sunshine toward the end of the trip (which is always appreciated in February)!

Happy 80th Birthday, Poppy!
While we were enjoying some time off, Ivory gave birth to twin doelings - Pyramid and Pumpernickel! They're super cute and enjoying running around with the farm dogs and the big kids (which would be Nora, Noelle, and Noble).

Castle with Pyramid & Pumpernickel



For those of you who watched the saga of Noelle's birth, she is doing wonderfully and you'd never know she had such a rough introduction to the world!

Noelle in the Snow


When we got back to the farm, Fletcher was able to begin an internship with a local business to learn about computer coding. He is super excited and is currently learning Java. He spends Fridays at his internship and we think this is a great opportunity for him to learn a skill he can either use with Goat Milk Stuff or on a completely new adventure at some point.

Fletcher the Intern
Landon is continuing to grow. He is starting to smile and laugh at his aunts and uncles. This is one of my new favorite photos of him with his Uncle Greyden. Brett takes him to work on the farm every day and we all get to enjoy supporting her in her role as a working mom!

Landon with Uncle Greyden

Landon with Uncle Hewitt

Landon & PJ
We had several other baby goats born so far during February.




But one of our most special new additions was our female Bernese Mountain Dog puppy - Beckett!




Many of you know that I like to raise my puppies in pairs. I had placed a deposit on a female puppy and a male puppy in the fall from two unrelated litters. The first litter had my male - Castle. But the litter that was supposed to produce my female didn't have any females born! So we got Castle in the fall and have been waiting for Beckett to be born. Well, she has and has joined us on the farm!

It's been too cold for her to be in the barn right now, so she's been staying in the house. It really hasn't been a hardship for me!!

Beckett & Jade


Indigo's birthday was also in the month of February. That's one more teenager now in the Jonas family!

Indigo is 13!
We are looking forward to March and all the new babies and warmer weather it's going to bring. It will be time to get to work in the garden. The children already filled up the garden beds with compost, so they're all ready!

Spreading Composted Goat Manure

Loads of Composted Goat Manure
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