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Homestead Happenings July 2019

Homestead Happenings July 2019

July was a month jam-packed with all sorts of fun!

After two years of fighting black algae, our pool is finally functioning again! Now that it's back, we've been in the pool almost every night (unless it's pouring rain) and we're all so happy! We're especially happy that Landon loves the pool as much as we do, and love watching him have fun splashing and playing in the water. Sometimes we even share the fun with local wildlife!

Local Wildlife Joins The Fun

Colter & Landon Enjoy The Pool

Finally, The Pool Is Open!

We had several sets of cousins and friends visit this month, and loved getting to spend time with them and hang out in the pool. It was especially wonderful during the recent heat wave, where the "feels like" temperature was over 100 degrees, and we thought we were about to melt.

We celebrated several big things in July - a retirement, three birthdays, and an anniversary!

My brother Adam retired from the Air Force as a Colonel after 24 years of service! We were thrilled to make it up to Wright Patterson Air Force Base to be there for the ceremony and celebration that followed. We love you, Uncle Ad!

Jade turned 12 on the 4th, Colter turned 21 on the 5th, and Fletcher turned 18 on the 12th of July. It's hard to believe they're growing up so quickly!

Jade at 12

 Colter at 21

Fletcher at 18

Enjoy Retirement, Colonel!

Additionally, we celebrated our anniversary on the 8th - Jim and I have been married for 24 years. It doesn't seem like it's been that long!

July 5, 1995 Wedding in New Jersey

 Anniversary Selfie!

We also had a visit from both Indiana State Senator Chris Garten, and US Senator Mike Braun. It was great to be able to pick the brains of these two successful entrepreneurs and public servants!

Senators Braun & Garten at Goat Milk Stuff
Senators Braun & Garten at Goat Milk Stuff
We had some brutal temperatures on the farm, but before they hit, Jim created a temporary shade shelter for the goats.

Pasture Shade

We also had a few losses this month. Glory delivered triplets. Only 1 survived the birthing, only to die a week later. And we lost Glory the next morning. It was pretty devastating. We did not Facebook Live the birth, but our Patrons were able to watch it on the Patron only live cameras.

As a reminder, we have seven live cameras streaming 24/7 on the farm. The free camera currently shows the outside pen where the baby goats play.

Free 24/7 Goat Cam

The other cameras are available as a special thank you to our Patrons. If you'd like more information on becoming a Patron, you can find it at our Patreon page.

The live cameras are completely independent of our Facebook LIVE videos which we do as often as we can.

Baby Goats

Baby Goat

In the gardens, everything is growing like a weed (including plenty of weeds lol). We have a bunch of pears, cucumbers everywhere, and the zucchini is just about ready. We're still picking blackberries, and the jalapenos are all ripening at the same time. It's almost time to start making pesto, and Brett is looking forward to spending several days surrounded by basil, garlic, and olive oil.


Jalapeno Peppers

 Blackberries (and Raspberries)

There are also several "rogue" kittens in the garden (and everywhere else) - you never know where you're going to find them! Their favorite plant to use as camouflage is the asparagus, but they frequently fling themselves out from behind any of the plants and try to trip you. Two of the kittens went to their new homes, but we still have one available, so contact us if you want to bring it home! ;)

Garden Kittens

You Can't See Me!

Frodo Just Hanging Around

Kitten Available!

Frodo On Firewood

It was a great month and we are looking forward to the rest of summer!
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