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Homestead Happenings June 2019

Homestead Happenings June 2019

Peaches at Goat Milk Stuff

We've got peaches! Mason, Colter, and Alex were hard at work this month canning our peaches into juice, jelly, pie filling, and more. We ended up with over 250 quarts of canned peach products that are now available in our Sweet Shop and on the sweet shop website. We'll also be turning some of the canned peaches into pies and other treats so be sure to keep an eye out for any of those if you're a peach lover, too!

Peaches at Goat Milk Stuff

Peaches at Goat Milk Stuff

Peaches at Goat Milk Stuff

When there's that many peaches to can, you need a LOT of jars! We had a delivery of 4,000 jars and all of them arrived in perfect condition. We will be using these jars in the upcoming canning classes, to can our fresh produce from the gardens as well as for our canned goods available in the Sweet Shop and on the sweet shop website. We will also have jars available for purchase on the farm so stop by to pick yours up. Happy canning!

Got Canning Jars? Umm, yeah.

The elderberries are putting out tons of flowers and berries. We're getting ready to "do battle" with the birds to keep as many elderberries as we can. This year, we're planning to try some reflective balloons to see if they have any noticeable impact on keeping the birds out of our elderberries!


Fletcher is a Licensed Driver!

Fletcher has been practicing and studying lots with Jim the last few months and has been perfecting his driving skills in hopes to get his drivers license.

He took his test in June and passed it on the first try! He was very excited and is looking forward to being able to go to the library without having to depend on a ride from one of his siblings or mom and dad!

Fresh Cut Hay at Goat Milk Stuff
The first hay cutting of the year finally happened! We were battling rain and storms for such a long time that it felt like the hay cutting was never going to happen. But God blessed us with a break in the weather and provided us with cooler than average temperatures and mostly clear skies and we were able to get about 1800 bales of hay from this first cut. Everyone on the farm (plus a few extra hands) helped for everything to go smoothly.

 Baled Hay Stacked on the Hay Wagon at Goat Milk Stuff

Jim Drives the Hay Wagon to the Barn at Goat Milk Stuff

Square Bales Go Up the Hay Elevator into the Loft at Goat Milk Stuff

Storm Clouds Over Goat Milk Stuff
The rain and storms this last month were seemingly relentless. We experienced some serious flooding here in Indiana along with some decent storm damage. We were lucky on the farm and only lost part of one of our plum trees in the storms. While the weather did postpone our hay cutting and make things wet, we're happy to have been experiencing nicer (but much hotter) days recently!

Storm Damaged Plum Tree at Goat Milk Stuff
Baby Bunnies at Goat Milk Stuff
We had a few more additions to the farm in June. Our rabbits had babies! These two sweet bunnies were excited to be out in the gardens for their debut photo shoot and Emery was able to get some really cute photos! We haven't named either of these babies just yet, but we're open to suggestions so let us know what you think we should name them.

Baby Bunnies at Goat Milk Stuff

Baby Bunny at Goat Milk Stuff

In May, Emery bought his own car. (The oldest 3 children had previously purchased Poppy's old minivan together.)

Colter was inspired and this month he purchased a car for himself. Colter flew to Florida to pick up his 2005 Honda CRV and drove it back home.

We're very proud of the children for being money smart and saving up to buy vehicles they could afford with cash!

Colter got a car!
Cagney and Lacey turned one year old on June 30th! They've gotten so big and are such great dogs. Like the rest of us, they're not enjoying these 90 degree days we've been having (they much prefer snow!), but have been relaxing in the barn with Castle and Beckett. When they're in the barn, you can watch them on the Patron live camera.

Cagney and Lacey, Great Pyrenees at Goat Milk Stuff

Cagney and Lacey, Great Pyrenees at Goat Milk Stuff

Grandma, Poppy, and cousin Noel were all able to visit the farm in June and we were all thrilled to have them here. Landon loved getting to visit with Grandma and Poppy and the girls didn't get much sleep the entire time Noel was here. Lynn (Noel's mom) was also able to visit at the end of Noel's visit. We had too much fun and forgot to get a photo that included her while she was here. We guess that means she'll just have to come back!

Poppy & Grandma hold Landon

Indigo & Jade helped Noel bake her first pie!

It was a great month and we are looking forward to July!
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