Facebook Live Video Update - February 2020

Facebook Live Video Update - February 2020

When I started doing Facebook Live videos of the actual goat births, it was with the intention of helping other goat owners learn how to prevent and handle problem births.

I never intended for it to become so popular with people who didn't own goats. I never expected people to love watching them so much. And I certainly didn't plan on it taking so much of my family's time to record the videos and respond as needed to the comments.

And unfortunately, it has simply become unsustainable.

Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog With Baby Alpine Dairy Goats

We often receive comments from people who get mad at me or upset with the family if we don't film a birth live. Yes, they try to make it sound like they are being friendly, but the passive-aggressive comments aren't very helpful.

Many people also expect us to film in the middle of the night and on Sundays and let us know that they aren't happy if we don't film a birth that happens during these time frames.

And the reality is that when you are constantly told how much you disappoint people because you didn't film a birth or because you never choose their baby goat name recommendation, it takes all of the joy out of doing anything nice.

My family are all hard workers. But right now, we're working too long. The children are all growing up and developing lives outside of the farm. And so we've been putting plans into effect for the Jonases and Wersts to actually have a 5 day work week instead of a 6 or 7 day work week. And that means re-evaluating everything we do.

For 3 years now, we've tried to catch every birth and film it because we love our followers and we always try to exceed their expectations. But going into Kidding Season 2020, I was already worn out and simply couldn't do it anymore. 

And so I started the season asking my children to do most of the live videos. And some people (even before the haters arrived en masse) were terrible and mean to my little girls. And so that's why Colter took time away from all of his jobs he needs to do and started narrating a lot of the live videos - to spare the girls.

But we knew that wasn't a sustainable solution either. Because our time is finite and because of these issues, after the 2020 Alpine birthing season, we decided that we would have to make a major change to how we shared the Facebook live goat birth videos. 

Baby Alpine Dairy Goats Drinking Milk

And then in early/mid-February, the Facebook live goat birth videos were inundated with haters and trolls. We'd always had haters and trolls in the past, but this achieved a new level with people attacking me, the family, and the children as individuals. It wasn't simply disagreeing with the way we run our farm, it was attacking our motives, spewing hate, and maligning our love for our animals.

And so the haters and trolls moved up the timeline for us to implement changes to the way we live video the births.

Jade With Baby Alpine Dairy Goats


Jim Bob the cat watching over the baby alpine dairy goats

And so, for the emotional and physical well-being of my family - which directly correlates to the well being of our goats - we will no longer continue to Facebook Live all the births for free.

Going forward, the birth videos have to pay for themselves and the resources they consume, in order for me to be able to devote resources to them. If a Jonas/Werst family member is recording the video, we either have to work extra hours to make up for that time, or we have to pay somebody else to do the jobs we would have done during that time. And as I've mentioned, that is no longer sustainable.

We are also hoping, by no longer having the videos be available for free, that it will prevent the haters and trolls from spending their time attacking us. We will also now have complete control and the ability to remove them which we don't have directly on our Facebook page.

pregnant Alpine dairy goat

We would love to have you be able to continue to watch the live birth videos. You can do so by supporting us at our Patreon page and becoming a Patron.

Once you become a Patron, for as little as $5 a month, you will have 24-hour access to all 8 live streaming barn cameras (9 cameras when you become a "Goat Hero"). You will also be added to a private, Patron-Only Facebook Group where we will do the Facebook Live videos of the goat births.

I'm sorry for those of you who cannot afford $5 a month to continue watching these birth videos. We still have the free camera available that shows the baby goat experience pen. And we will continue to do Facebook live videos as time allows, simply not of the births.

I hope that you can understand that I can no longer continue to video the goat births for free and subject my family to online attack and the threat of actual attack.

We love our goats. We love our fans. We love our customers. And we love our Patrons. (Many of you overlap those groups!) Thank you for all the care and concern you've always shown our family. It's the good people out there that keep us going!

We appreciate your continued support and hope to see many of you in the private, Patron Only Facebook group.

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Thanks for sending me the link.. ..I read everything and totally understand now…You all are good people! Id say those people lack Happiness in their lives and want to make others others miserable.. Turning to God would benefit them greatly..Just saying….Keep up the good work!! God Bless..


I’m so sorry haters and trolls attacked your family. They have no idea of the love and goodness In your hearts that caused you to share these videos. Thank you for protecting your family. And then the trolls came to the sweet puppy videos. Thank you for creating a group. It’s so sad what the haters are doing to our beloved country. Stand strong Jonas family! You are part of what made this country great. Thank you for sharing what you can when you can. I love learning from you. And I love your products! Blessings to you.

Cynthia Hall

I just want to say how sorry I am that your family has had to endure this kind of thing on facebook!!! I don’t do facebook much only to keep in contact with family members. So many mean spirited people in this world it seems.

I have ordered soaps from you before I got into having my own dairy goats for my family 4 years ago. And now I make my own yogurt, kefir and cheese and have my daughter in law to make our families soap.

But I wanted to tell you that I learned a lot from some of your early blogs regarding goat health and management and I just really hate that your family has had to endure this kind of abuse when all you were doing was trying to share love. I always got a kick out of your kids music videos.

I have two alpines and just kidded out babies this year and was checking on your website to see what you were feeding as I am no longer able to get a dairy feed I was using that was GMO free and am looking at putting something together myself from whole grains such as horse oats, barley and a little BOSS. I understand though if you do not have time to share your feeding practices. And also we are in totally different areas. But I seem to remember that you used oats and barley.

Blessings on you and your family. And protect yourself from hateful people. They do not deserve to sap your energy.

Cynthia Hall


I am so sorry for the pain your family endured, particularly because you were trying to do something nice for others. Please know there are so many more people who love and appreciate your family and products than haters who only enjoy causing pain and chaos. I tell everyone I know that you make the very best soap imaginable and will be a customer as long as you are in business making your awesome and healthy products. I started purchasing years ago when I discovered you at the Amish Acres fair I. Nappanee IN one summer and have been happily using your Wonderful soap ever since that time. Huge hugs for all of you, best wishes in the future.

Debra Butler

I just wanted to let you know, I love your family, love what you do, and love your products. I have been a fan of your family since you appeared on Huckabee years ago. You are an awesome, hardworking family with values. I watched the kids growing up, get married and be blessed with a grandchild. I am absolutely horrified by the behavior of people towards your family and children, which you describe from Facebook. I had no idea, I’m not on Facebook. Wow, just wow. Please let your children know how great I think they are….not much just me out here, but really what a great family you have and how blessed you are. Keep up the good work loving each other and living life. Just one person out here who is a big fan of all of you. Bless you.
Debra Butler
Elmhurst, IL

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