What Soap Did You Use Before GMS?

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I'm regularly asked if our goat milk soap will be better for someone's skin than the soap they are currently using.  I'm a bit biased, but my answer is usually a laughing, "Of course!"  I then qualify it to say that everyone's skin is different and I can't predict how their skin will react to our goat milk soap.

But I do know that most of the existing "soaps" (many of them aren't even actual soap) on the market today are filled with chemicals.  Even those soaps that are marketed for sensitive skin are filled with ingredients that I don't want on my family's skin. In contrast, I can state that all of the soaps that I offer for sale are soaps that I am willing to use on my children's skin.  If I wouldn't let my children use it, I wouldn't make it or sell it.  For me as a mom, that's the best endorsement I can give.

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In an effort to be unbiased, I asked some of our customers what they used before using GMS soaps.  You can read some of their answers below. If you're a regular GMS soap user, what did you use before?

"It's been so long but it was in between lever 2000 or pretty much anything else once I tried GMS I've never gone back." - Carina

"I had to frequently change our soap before…even using soap that had fewer ingredients or claimed to be all natural would irritate our skin after a month. We’ve been using Goat Milk Stuff for just about two years and we couldn’t imagine using anything else!" - Anna

"I used Caress before GMS. Have only used it once or twice since switching to your soap and it makes my skin so dry! Don't know how I did that for so long! I've been a GMS addict for 2 or 3 years now. Found you at the Pork Festival in Ohio!" - Jennifer

"I used to switch body washes a lot because they'd always leave my skin dry and itchy. Soap was always Unscented Dove because it wouldn't irritate my skin. But I can use any scent of GMS and it has completely changed my skin! I'm never dry, itchy, or irritated." - Adela

"I was continually switching it because i could never find anything I really really liked. And I didn't like the ingredients!! Good thing I found you guys'!" - Shannon

"Whatever was on sale and all of them left my skin feeling like all the water had been sucked from it (Ivory soap was the least offensive of all of them). Now, of course, we're hooked and my skin no longer feels like a desert!" - Susan

"I am very sensitive to whatever is in regular bar soap that it gives me problems (I won't go into details) so I was amazed I could use GMS without problems. I always used shower gels from Bath and Body Works." - Lisa

"It's been a long while but I think I used Dove bar soap. Since trying GMS, I became completely hooked and won't use anything else. It's an addiction but I can live with it!" - Deb

"Caress body wash but I love my GMS soap now." - Deb

"I used Dr Bronner's peppermint castile soap since the 80's..but it dried my skin too much. Now it's Goat Milk Stuff from head to toe...yep I love it as shampoo as well!!" - Natalie

"Dove and lots of different lotions. My only problem with GMS is trying to decide which wonderful scents to order!" - Kathleen

"None, really. All of them made my skin break out and stung. The only one that was gentle and that I kinda liked was Dove, but it didn't feel cleansing some days." - Abigail

"Dove or Aveeno body Washes. Tone body wash too - cocoa butter in something always seemed to make my skin feel nice. But nothing since GMS." - Mary Beth

"I don't even remember....! They all dried my skin out." - Frances

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