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Best Goat Milk Gifts

  • Goat Milk Soap Problem Skin Pack

    Problem Skin Pack


    Problem Skin Pack The question we are asked most often is, "Which soap should I use for my problem skin?" Whether the problem is eczema, psoriasis,...

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  • Goat Milk Soap Sensitive Skin Pack

    Sensitive Skin Pack


    Sensitive Skin Pack The sensitive skin pack contains one unscented purity goat milk soap, one unscented lotion stick (red label), one laundry soap ...

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  • Twin Pack

    Twin Pack


    Twin Pack These twin packs contain 1 full bar of goat milk soap and 1 small stick of lotion of the matching scent. It comes packaged in an organza ...

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  • goat milk soap beauty pack

    Beauty Pack


    Beauty Pack This is a great way for you or a friend to try an assortment of our products. You get to choose one bar of soap, 1 small lotion stick, ...

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