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Soap Savers - Colored

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We have noticed an increase in quality control problems of this product since the pandemic began. We recommend the U.S. made soap savers instead.

Ever wonder what to do with all your small scraps of soap? We have the answer - just drop them into one of these soap savers. Made of multiple layers of mesh, they rub together to create an instant lather. They are also large enough to hold an entire bar of soap, so you can store your soap in the soap saver. While it hangs between uses, it can dry out so that it lasts longer. This is like the original soap saver we've always carried.

Please be aware that we do not personally make these soap savers and that they are a consumable product with a limited life span. With regular use, they should last around 6 months. We have customers who say theirs last longer than that, but it all depends on how often they are used and if they are used solely to store soap scraps or to lather while in the shower.