Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, CLEFFS contain 2 oz of soap shavings that you can use as an air freshener. 

You can find complete scent descriptions here.

History of CLEFFS

People repeatedly told Colter that they kept a bar of soap in their car to help it smell good. Colter decided that this was a waste of good soap, so he came up with a better solution. He collected all the small soap pieces that are leftover from unmolding and cutting the soap. These are placed in GMS cotton bags so you can now hang them from your rear view mirror or tuck them into a drawer. Because we don't cut up bars of soap to make CLEFFS, the different scents are only available as we unmold different batches of soap.

In case you were wondering, the name he chose - CLEFFS - stands for Colter’s Lovely Environmentally Friendly Fragrance Sacks. He preferred the strength of the word “sacks” over the (girly) word “sachets”. He’s a creative young entrepreneur and we’re proud of him.