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More Than Just Soap

  • Natural Deodorant

    Natural Deodorant


    Natural DeodorantWith more studies showing the harmful effects of the chemicals regularly used in body care products, isn't it time to switch to a ...

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  • Unscented Solid Goat Milk Lotion

    Unscented Solid Goat Milk Lotion

    from $9.00

    Unscented Solid Goat Milk LotionSolid goat milk lotion is wonderful for your skin.  Because it does not contain any liquid ingredients, it does not...

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  • Lip Balm Vanilla Red

    Vanilla Lip Balm


    Vanilla Lip BalmDo your lips need some natural moisturizing?  Then these lip balms are perfect for you because they do not contain any chemical pre...

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  • Custom Hand Sanitizer 4oz Spray

    Custom Hand Sanitizer 4oz Spray


    Safe, Effective, Portable. Our Custom Scented Hand Sanitizer is liquid-based instead of gel-based and is designed to be sprayed on your hands. Each...

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