You're using a natural goat milk soap to care for your skin.  Now it's time to add some other natural skin care items for your health and the health of your family.  If you're trying to avoid anti-perspirants and all the chemicals they contain, Goat Milk Stuff offers a natural deodorant available in several scents, unscented, and even baking-soda free versions. And if you don't want to use chemical foaming agents in your toothpaste, there is a natural tooth powder available.  And don't forget your clothes!  You don't want to wash your clothes in detergent that contains chemicals designed to bind to your clothing.  Avoid these irritants with a laundry soap that washes completely free.  Enjoy these and other natural skin care items.

Natural Deodorant

Laundry Soap (Multiple Sizes)

Bug Out Spray

Sugar Scrub Cubes

Tooth Powder


Hand Sanitizer


Bath Fizzy - Small

Bath Fizzy - Large

Jewelweed Salve