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Sensitive Skin Pack


The sensitive skin pack contains one unscented purity goat milk soap, one unscented lotion stick (red label), one laundry soap trial size, and one unscented lip balm (red label).

When I first started making our goat milk soap, I put it in the shower and Jim's fingers stopped cracking and splitting. I've told that story to many people and they always want to know which soap he used. The simple answer is: "Ours!"

Each variety that we make contains the same amount of goat milk, so which one to use has more to do with you (your preferences and sensitivities) than with Jim. Since he is not sensitive to any fragrances, he is able to use all of our soaps. He also uses the lotion stick on his fingers in the winter because we heat our house with wood and adding the wood to the fire dries his knuckles out.

If you have dry or sensitive skin and are wondering what to use first, we've put together this sensitive skin pack for you. It contains all unscented products because we've found this is the best place to start. Once your skin symptoms are alleviated, you can try the scented stuff to see if your skin can handle the scented goat milk soaps.

For most people, the scented soaps will work because they all contain the same amount of goat milk. But some people, due to fragrance sensitivities, need to stick with unscented. Either way, all the goodness of goat milk is in there!