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Washcloths - Hand Knitted by the Jonas Children


Welcome to the Jonas children's side business. They are hand knitting Washcloths just for you. All Washcloth sales and profits bypass Dad and Mom and go straight to the children. Made out of 100% USA cotton, the Washcloths are extremely durable. They are gentle enough to use in the bathroom, yet sturdy enough to use at the kitchen sink.

If your Washcloth contains red, first wash it separately. Otherwise, wash and dry normally. Please be aware that these are knit by children. And while they're very good at knitting, they may not be perfect. If Washcloth demand exceeds the children's available knitting time, they may call on their Grammy for help. :) Washcloths are approximately 7" x 7", but there is a lot of variation depending on who did the knitting.