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Donation Policy

Thank you for your interest in our Goat Milk Stuff products. Our family works hard together to make high quality ‘stuff’ that can be appreciated by most everyone. As you may imagine, we receive many requests for free samples, door prizes, auction items, and other donations. Almost always these requests are made by genuine folks who are volunteering their time and effort to support a worthy cause. We are honored that these generous people would consider us when thinking of partners for their endeavors.

We believe that personal charity, whether in the form of funds, products, time, or energy is laudable and we seek to encourage it. To do so we have developed a fundraising program around our most popular products to help individuals and organizations in their philanthropic projects. It is our way of being able to help. If you are interested in participating in this program, please visit our fundraiser website at

We understand that this option may not be attractive to all those who approach us for donations, but we hope that you will understand that as a family owned and operated business we have chosen to give back through this fundraiser program rather than through outright donations. Many who have participated in the program have realized far greater benefits than they imagined possible, and have been thankful that we have made this available as a way to raise funds for their cause.

Thank you for considering us, and please continue to work hard, get dirty, and use good soap!