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Zero Negativity Policy for Facebook Comments

Your comment is phrased in a way that is against our Zero Negativity policy. We ask that you be respectful and positive in all of your comments on our Facebook page or groups.

We love sharing our lives with our Facebook fans, but we do not love the negativity that comes with it. We are instituting a zero tolerance policy. If we recognize your name as a repeat offender, you will be removed from our groups and not allowed to comment.

If you are wondering why your comment has been flagged, it is most likely for one of the following reasons.

We do not allow comments that criticize...

  • our family
  • our parenting
  • the way we raise our animals
  • the way we cook our food
  • the way we clean our buildings
  • or any other aspect of what we are sharing.

We do not allow comments that tell us...

  • we're doing something wrong
  • we should do something differently
  • things we should do
  • things we should change

We do not allow comments that...

  • provide inaccurate information (if you're not 110% sure, post it as a question, not a fact)
  • tell us something hasn't been done or seen
    • "that puppy didn't eat"
    • "she didn't put the beef in there"
    • "that baby goat is walking funny"
    • We promise, we're aware of it well before you comment.

But most importantly, we do not allow...

  • any comments that make us feel upset, hurt, irritated, or mad.

If you want to ask a question respectfully, we would love to answer!  But our Facebook Live videos are meant to be a happy place, and we are no longer allowing anyone to take that away from us and from the other viewers. Thank you for understanding and for respecting it. 

Because you don't want to make Jade mad. ;)