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Farm Store Associate

Company Description

Goat Milk Stuff (GMS) is a growing family farm business. We raise dairy goats and use their high-quality goat milk to make goat milk soaps and food items such as caramel and gelato. We promote natural products as an important part to living a healthy life that avoids as many chemicals as possible. GMS employs all the members of the Jonas family (10 of them) as well as a spouse and other non-family employees. Employees are referred to as a part of the crew and are not penalized or held-back for not being born or married to a Jonas. Our culture honors God and there is an optional morning, daily prayer meeting to start our work day. But we do not discriminate based on any religious beliefs or non-beliefs and all applicants will be judged on their abilities and not their belief system. We foster an environment where hard-work, initiative, and kindness to others is valued and encouraged.

Mission Statement

We deliver joy through goats and goat milk because healthy skin is happy skin.

Key Characteristics of GMS Crew Members

  1. Self Motivated. We are hard workers who seek out problems to be solved and tasks to be accomplished because there is nothing more annoying than somebody who stands around when there is work to be done.
  2. Dependable. We show up on time ready to work consistently throughout the day because there is nothing worse than having to stay late because somebody else doesn’t complete their work.
  3. Positive. We find joy in our work and our coworkers and limit our bad attitudes because nothing brings the workplace down faster than someone who constantly dwells on the negative.

Critical Actions Expected of GMS Crew Members

  1. We start on time. We take care of ourselves with sufficient sleep, exercise, and good nutrition so we have the energy to show up on time, ready to work.
  2. We communicate. We schedule communication when it is needed, without waiting too long or initiating too quickly.
    1. We communicate clearly and tactfully so that we can minimize frustrations within our team.
    2. We make proper use of to facilitate communication and not interrupt others.
    3. We don’t let problems fester.
  3. We respect others. We recognize that every job adds value and if I need help, I need to return the favor.

Key Competencies of the Farm Store Associate

Working in our Farm Store is a key position because many people associate how they are treated in the Farm Store with how they think of our business. The Farm Store Associate must therefore display the following characteristics at all times:

  • friendliness
  • a welcoming attitude
  • positivity
  • ability to handle difficult customers
  • desire to learn about goat milk, goats, and goat milk products
  • ability to promote products authentically
  • honesty and integrity

Accountabilities of the Farm Store Associate

The Farm Store Associate will perform the following duties:

  • welcoming customers, answering customer questions, and meeting customer needs
  • checking out customer purchases
  • serving gelato
  • restocking the Farm Store
  • initiating purchase requests to maintain inventory
  • cleaning the bathrooms
  • mopping and cleaning the Farm Store

The Farm Store Associate will be handling money and inventory and must have integrity and honesty. Any theft will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The Farm Store Associate will be evaluated on:

  • feedback received in customer reviews, emails, and feedback
  • cleanliness of the Farm Store including bathrooms
  • steady growth of newsletter signups 
  • restocking consistency

Job Details

The Farm Store Associate's hours will be Monday - Saturday from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm with a half hour lunch break. This is a 36 hour week which leaves room to assist the occasional late customer.

Vacation and benefits such as a health plan and SIMPLE retirement plan with matching are available.

Initial salary is $13 - $16 per hour for a 90 day trial period based on candidate's qualifications and current skill level. 

Applying for Farm Store Associate position

If you are interested in applying for the position, please download and fill out this job application. It must be printed; you cannot fill it out online.

You may then drop the job application (and a resume if you have one) off in the Farm Store, scan and email it to us at, or mail the application physically to us at:

Goat Milk Stuff
76 S Lake Rd N
Scottsburg, IN 47170

Please keep in mind that a final step in our hiring process is for candidates to arrange personal reference calls with former supervisors and others we may choose.

We look forward to finding the right person to become the next member of the GMS Crew!

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