Many pregnant Moms find Goat Milk Stuff because they are looking for natural soaps that won't introduce any harmful chemicals to their bodies or their baby.  Goat Milk Stuff soaps and bath & body items are safe for use during pregnancy as long as you have no allergies to any of the ingredients.  The essential oils used are in safe concentrations that are not harmful.  As always, if you have any concerns, check with your OB/GYN.  I personally used them during my last two pregnancies (and wished I had started making them earlier!)

If your skin is reacting poorly to your pregnancy, we always recommend using unscented goat milk soaps as that will give your skin one less ingredient to have to handle. But if you are not having any skin issues or sensitivities, enjoy whatever scented soap appeals to you!

I wanted to let you, and any expectant Mom customers, know that this soap has been a lifesaver for my daughter. She is expecting her first child in March. At about 16 weeks pregnant, she developed a terrible, VERY itchy rash diagnosed by the dermatologist as "PUPPS" (Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy). I had ordered some of your purity soap, and gave her a bar to try. She was very skeptical, as the Dr had told her she would likely have the rash and itch until after she has the baby. Within 2 days, the itch had subsided, and the rash was gone!! She is now at 33 weeks pregnant, and the rash reappeared when she ran out of the soap... I gave her another bar, and BINGO!! The rash was gone again in 2 days!!! This has been a lifesaver for her, as she works as a nurse full-time, and the rash and itch was driving her CRAZY!! 
PLEASE tell your customers to try this soap for PUPPS.. The Dr was stunned!! 
Grandma says THANK YOU so much!!!
- Marsha