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October 2019 - Custom Lotions and Lip Balms

It's time for custom scented lotions and custom flavored lip balms again!

We're including tinted lip balms, lotion in tins (for those of you who wish to avoid plastic) and the addition of zinc oxide for possible sun protection.

All of these custom items are available for one week only (October 17th - 23rd). We will make the custom items on October 24th, and ship your entire order out on October 25th.

Custom Lotions

Custom solid goat milk lotion scents are available in several sizes including:

There are many custom scents to choose from such as Baby Powder, Lavender Peppermint, Lilac, Mimosa Mandarin, Vanilla, and many others. 

You can also order any of our regular scents or custom scents in a small stick with zinc oxide (for sun protection) added.

Custom Lip Balms

We've updated the process to order Custom Lip Balms. In order to accurately add the correct amount of flavor and/or tint, a minimum order of 3 of each flavor/tint is required. In the past, you needed to add at least 3 of each flavor/tint to your cart. That was a bit confusing for some so we've changed the product page to reflect the price of 3 lip balms. So now, just add each flavor/tint to your cart and it will be for 3 lip balms in that variety.

Custom lip balms are available in flavors such as Blueberry, Chocolate, and Tea Tree, as well as blends such as Lavender Orange, Chocolate Almond, and many others. If you would like a blend we don't have listed, just ask.

Custom lip balms are available as follows:

If you are ordering custom lip balms, lotions, or both, please remember that  there will be a delay until your items are made. Your entire order will ship out together on Friday, 10/25/19.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, we're here and are happy to help. If you have difficulty ordering online, you can also call us at 812-752-0622 and we can help you place your order over the phone.