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Red vs Orange Labels

There are two different lip balm and solid goat milk lotion formulas for you to choose from.

The red label is the original formula and the orange label is the newer formula.

So which one is better?

Neither. They’re just different.

Over the years we've had some people unable to use the red label formula because they were allergic to one of the ingredients. As a result, we created the orange label formula to give people with allergies an option.

Both formulas do contain cocoa butter and beeswax because we couldn't get the consistency right without them. Sorry if you're allergic to either of those ingredients!

So what's the difference between the red and orange labels other than ingredients?

The red label lip balms and solid lotions have a higher melting point and feel a little more “solid”. The orange label lip balms and solid lotions have a lower melting point and feel a little softer. Some people describe the orange label as “slippery” or "slick" (in a good way).

Both formulas are excellent and we recommend that over time you try them both to see which one you prefer.

Some people even switch depending on the season. They choose the orange label in the winter and the red label in the summer.

Here are the ingredients in each one:

Red Label Lip Balm (Unscented): Soybean oil; Beeswax; Sunflower oil; Cocoa butter; Shea butter; Dehydrated goat milk; Vitamin E.

Orange Label Lip Balm (Unscented): Sweet almond oil; Coconut oil; Beeswax; Avocado oil; Cocoa Butter; Mango Butter; Dehydrated goat milk.

Let us know which label you prefer!

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