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Custom Bath Fizzy


Bath Fizzies are made 2 times a year in April, and October. If you are signed up to receive the newsletter, you will get an email notification on the Monday the fizzies are first offered.

Bath fizzy is like a bath bomb - the powder reacts when it hits the water producing a "fizzing". Adding bath fizzy to your tub fills the bathwater with a wonderful scent and after a soak, it leaves your skin smoother and softer. The large bath fizzy contains 10 oz. and the bulk bath fizzy contains 2 pounds.

Keep your bath fizzy sealed in a dry place. Be careful not to get any moisture in the bag or the bath fizzy reaction will start. If this happens, the fizzy will still be safe to use, but it won't fizz well when it hits the water. If moisture or humidity gets in the bag, the powder may also clump together and get solid (like a bath bomb). Simply break it into smaller clumps and use.

Don't forget to choose your scent from the menu.


    Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Sweet Almond Oil.

    Additional Ingredients:

    Depending on the scent it will either contain essential oils or a fragrance oil. You can find more information at the Scent Description page.

    style="color: #000000;">Allergy Warning: If you are concerned about an allergic reaction or have a citric acid sensitivity, test on a small patch of your skin first and stop using if irritation occurs.