Every day, people ask what it's like to work on a goat farm. Have you ever wondered what we really do all day? This is your opportunity to join at least one member of the Jonas Family in the barn for up to 8 hours, including a meal.

After you purchase your ticket, please choose a time that works for you and schedule your experience.

What does the Farm Experience include?

  • Mucking out stalls, an essential part of farm life!
  • Feeding goats, both adults and kids.
  • Moving wheelbarrows.
  • Milking goats, if there are any to be milked.
  • Trimming hooves is an option, depending on how strong you are. 
  • The Experience lasts 8 hours, but you can leave early if you'd like. 
  • Lunch is included, and you will order off our regular Lunch Service menu. 

    It's important that you understand the Farm Experience is a working experience. While you will get to see the baby goats and snuggle them for a little while, most of the time will be spent experiencing real life on a farm. If you aren't interested in that, check out our Farm Tour and Baby Goat Experience, which offer more fun and no work. 

    Who is the Farm Experience ideal for?

    • Goat Farmers who want to learn what we do on the farm.
    • Potential Goat Owners who want to experience farm life before purchasing their own goats.
    • Hard Workers who want to enjoy a day on the farm.

    What do I need to bring?

    • Weather Appropriate Work Clothes. Everything you bring will get dirty, so we highly suggest bringing a change of clothes to drive home in. Search "Scottsburg Indiana weather" to decide what you should wear - remember that our barns are not climate controlled. 
    • Snacks. Your experience will include lunch, but if you need something to keep you going, you may want to bring some snacks to keep in your car.
    • A Great Work Ethic.
    • A Good Attitude.
    • A Smile.
    • We supply the rest!

    More details:

    • Please no tobacco use or vaping is permitted in, around, or near the barn or other buildings. You are always welcome to take a break from the farm experience to go sit in your vehicle for such activities. 
    • All participants must be 14 or older. We do not make exceptions to this rule. Children under the age of 14 should check out our Farm Tour or Baby Goat Experience.
    • Accessibility. Walking is required to reach the barns. Our 2 parking lots (Farm Store & Sweet Shop) are currently gravel so care should be taken with those who have difficulty walking. 
    • No pets are allowed in the barns, and 8 hours is a long time to leave them in the car, so please leave them at home.