We'd love for you to come and visit us at the Goat Milk Stuff Farm!  When you arrive, the Farm Store faces the road and is the first building you see. We have two entrances. The first being for cars, the second for semi trucks, RV campers, buses, and other large vehicles that require large parking spots. 

Jade is usually the one running the farm store, but she gets lots of breaks so you may be served by Fletcher, Colter, or anybody else who is covering for her.

All Farm Tours and Baby Goat Experiences begin in the Farm Store where you can get your tickets and sign the liability waiver.

In the Farm Store you will find all of our bath & body items.  This includes:

We don't put the newsletter specials in the farm store, but if you ask for them, we will fetch them if they're available. Likewise, if you know of something that we offer online that you don't see in the farm store, just ask and we should be able to get it for you.

We also have a little table with duplo blocks for the children and chairs for those who need a rest while the children play.

We accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover) in the farm store. Remember that we are charged a fee when we accept your credit card, so we appreciate cash purchases - especially on small orders.

We hope to see you in the farm store! You can find directions and hours here.

Be sure and visit the Sweet Shop when you're on the farm