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Custom Uncured Logs of Goat Milk Soap (New, Larger Size)


This listing is for 2 logs of uncured Goat Milk Soap. Each log is in a NEW, EXTRA-LARGE Size and the two logs together will total around 5 pounds of soap.

Custom Uncured Goat MIlk Soap Logs are available three times a year in March, July, and November.

Why Purchase Custom Goat Milk Soap Logs?

These custom logs are available for two main reasons.

#1 - You want to cut the soap into your perfect size. We've been told people prefer to cut their soap into rectangles and squares of all different shapes. We've even been told that people have cut their Goat Milk Soap into triangles! If the right soap shape is important to you, then Goat Milk Soap Logs are a great choice.

#2 - You want a soap scent that isn't currently available. We have 24 Classic Soap varieties available year-round. But we have another thirty or so scents that we make once a year. If your favorite scent isn't currently available, you can have custom logs made throughout the year.

Custom Goat Milk Soap logs are made for you when you order them. They are not the lowest price soap option we have available. If you are looking for the best value, the Standard Value Pack and Mega Value Pack are better values for your money. You can scroll down the Goat Milk Soap Size Comparison page for more details on the Value Packs.


Logs will be available 3 times a year in March, July, and November. Sign up for the newsletter to receive an email notification.

It may take up to 1 week after your order is placed for us to make your custom soap. We will then ship your soap to you within 1 week of it being made. But please be aware that it will not ship out right away.

Goat Milk Soap Log Size

Uncured logs will get lighter in weight as they cure. Depending on the age of the log, each log will weigh around 40 oz. (plus or minus a small amount). You will get a total of around 80 oz (5 pounds!) of soap. The logs are hand-cut and hand-poured, so measurements may vary slightly, but they are roughly 9.0" long by 3.5" wide by 2" high.

Handling Your Goat Milk Soap Log

The goat milk soap logs will not have any packaging or labeling. They will arrive still fairly soft.

When you receive them, first cut the goat milk soap log and then cure the goat milk soap before using it. Be sure to cure your goat milk soap and ultimately store them out of direct sunlight in a place where they can get airflow.

We recommend a 6 week curing time, but you can use your goat milk soap after 4 weeks if you wish. The age of your soap will have a direct impact on how long your goat milk soap will last.


The ingredients in your soap logs will vary based on what type you choose. You can look at the individual soap page for the exact ingredients. You can also reach out to us if you have any questions. The basic ingredients will be:

Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, sunflower oil or organic soybean oil, Essential or Fragrance oil.

A Note About Safety: This soap should feel fantastic all over your body, except directly in your eyes. To discover any possible allergic reaction, test the soap on a small area of skin first. If a reaction occurs, stop using it and try one of our different recipes that work well with your skin.

Return Policy

We work hard to make sure that our soaps are of the highest quality. But please remember that there are no returns accepted on custom orders. Only order if you know this is what you want and understand that handmade soap may smell slightly different from batch to batch. Five pounds is a lot of soap. This is not the time to experiment.

Please see the Return Policy for more details.