Sugar Scrub Cube
A single sugar scrub cube wrapped in foil. Our cubes are made with our wonderful goat milk soap (to clean), sugar (to exfoliate), and shea butter (to moisturize). They will leave your skin wonderfully clean, smooth, soft, and smelling great.

Directions: To use, take a piece of one (half or quarter) into the shower with you. Break off a piece, smoosh it in your hand, and rub onto your skin, paying extra attention to dry, rough patches. It will crumble, so "smoosh it up good". I love to use them most on my heels. You do not need to wash with soap after using, as the sugar cubes already contain our soap. Use a few times a week or more if your skin needs it!

These are single use cubes. They can not be re-used or saved for later (unless you cut them and keep them dry). Keep unused cubes in a dry, sealed container. Do not get them wet before you are ready to use them.

Ingredients: Sugar, Goat Milk Soap, Shea butter.

Scent Specific Ingredients: Luv Spell fragrance oil, OMH fragrance oil, Pink Sugary fragrance oil.

Allergy Warning: If you are concerned about an allergic reaction, test the soap on a small area of skin and stop using if irritation occurs.