Yoga with the Goats
  • Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019
  • Time: 3:00 pm
  • Cost: $35 per person

The Event: This is a two hour event that includes introductory time with the goats, the yoga session, and then a follow-up time where you can take photos with the goats if you wish. 

What to Bring: Bring a yoga mat or towel that you won't mind if it gets stepped on (or pooped on) by goats.  There will be a few extra yoga mats available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The goats find water bottles highly entertaining, so we don't recommend bringing them into the yoga area.  Any water bottles that you bring may not be glass as that poses a danger to the animals.

What to Wear: Baby goats are highly curious and like to nibble and chew on everything!!  They love shoe laces and hair.  If you have long hair, a ponytail or braid is highly recommended. 

When to Arrive: Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can fill out the liability waiver. 

Weather: Weather permitting, the class will be held outside, so please dress appropriately.  If it is raining, the class will be held in the barn on clean hay.

Age: This event is for anyone 10 years old and over.

The Yoga Class: This is a one hour yoga class for people of all yoga experience levels including people who have never before tried yoga. The yoga is for people of all religions and focuses on breathing and relaxation.

The Instructor: The yoga class will be led by Betsy Durham (see below), a certified yoga instructor. 

Tickets: Tickets are limited, must be purchased ahead of time, and are not refundable.  

Reminder: Please remember that this event is held with live animals. While they are tame and friendly, there is still a possibility to encounter nibbling, climbing, bleating, urine and feces. Please note that Goat Milk Stuff and Betsy Durham 200 RYT are not responsible for any barnyard behavior that may lead to the damage of your property. If it is valuable or brand new, please leave it at home or locked in your car.  A liability waiver must be signed before joining the event.

Betsy Durham:  Betsy Durham 200 RYT, has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 2016. She completed her training at Supreme Peace Yoga and Wellness in Louisville, KY. She was drawn to Yoga because of the physical practice, which was recommended to her by her Chiropractor to help alleviate her chronic neck and back pain. Instead of trying out a few classes she chose to jump right in and become a teacher.  

“I knew this was something I wanted in my life everyday, I also knew I wanted to teach others how to heal and take care of their bodies. I did take a big risk jumping right into a teacher training with only a handful of yoga classes prior to it, but I am so glad I did!”

 Betsy grew up on a small farm in Buffalo, KY where she spent many years connecting with animals and nature. She loves finding creative ways to connect people to themselves, through yoga as well as to the world around them. She has a wide variety of classes that she offers like Gentle and Restorative yoga, YART: Yoga + Art and of course Goat Yoga!

“I think there are so many opportunities for people to try new things. I find with the right combination you can intrigue many into letting go of their fears and trying something new, like yoga. I love all Yogis, even if you’ve never stepped on a mat before, I’d still consider you a Yogi. I want people to know Yoga can be done by anyBODY. It’s all about meeting yourself where you’re at, and of course I’m there as your trusted guide, but ultimately it’s your practice and you have the right to decide if a pose is right for you or not.”


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