The Kidding Experience is no longer available for 2018. We will open up the schedule for 2019 Kidding Experiences in the fall, when we know the due dates for the goats. Sign up for our Newsletter to be notified when we make it available. Thank you for your interest in our Kidding Experience, and we hope you can join us next year!


During kidding season in February (when the Alpine goats are having their babies), we make sure that somebody is in the barn 24/7. While most of the goats will have their babies without difficulty, there will always be births with complications, and we like to be there. This is your opportunity to join at least one member of the Jonas Family in the barn for up to 5 hours, including a meal.

We start scheduling in January and the Kidding Experiences are only open for about 6 weeks depending on how many goats are left to deliver, so book your experience now!

After you purchase your ticket, please choose a time that works for you and schedule your experience.

What does the Kidding Experience include?

  • The Experience lasts 5 hours, but you can leave early if you'd like. There are two time slots available: 9am to 2pm, and 3pm to 8pm.
  • Lunch or dinner is included, depending on which shift you choose.  Make sure to inform us when you arrive if there are any food allergies or any foods you don't eat. Schedule your experience here!
  • Spending time with the baby goats. You'll have access to a pen full of baby goats. You can snuggle with them, hug them, let them climb on you, pick them up... they love the attention!
  • If there's a birth, you'll get to participate as much or as little as you'd like. Every brand new baby is caught, dried off, named, and fed by the people who are in the barn at the time, and you'll get to do as much of that as you want.
  • Spending time with at least one of the barn cats. Kidding Season is the cats' favorite time of year - there are tons of people in the barn to pet them. There is a 99.99% chance that you'll get to spend some time with Jim-Bob, Jason, John-Boy, or Mary Ellen on your lap, helping to keep you warm.
  • Learning all about goats. You'll have a Jonas with you the whole time, and since we've had goats for over ten years, we know lots of fun facts about them. You'll learn something new and have fun at the same time.
  • Feeding baby goats. It wouldn't be the real experience if you didn't feed any baby goats! 
  • Cleaning stalls and halls. It also wouldn't be a real experience if you didn't clean up after any baby goats. Cleaning stalls is a huge part of farm life, and needs to be done multiple times a day.
  • Folding towels. Baby goat births require lots of towels, so we wash and fold quite a lot of them during kidding season!
  • Photo ops! There is nothing cuter than a selfie with a baby goat, or a family portrait with baby goats climbing all over you. Make sure your phone/camera has plenty of space for pictures.

If you don't wish to do any of this, please let us know ahead of time or when you arrive. 

What do I need to bring?

  • Warm Clothes (that can get dirty). This is an absolute must. Dress like you're going to spend three hours out in the snow. You can always take some layers off if you get hot, but it can get cold out there. Also, make sure that everything you wear can get dirty, because it probably will.
  • Camp Chairs. If you're going to want to sit down on something other than the hay in the stall, you're going to want to bring your own camp chair.
  • Drinks. It can be chilly in the barn, so you may want to bring a thermos of hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, or just a bottle of water. However, please make sure that any drinks you bring can be securely closed. The last thing we want is hot chocolate all over the floor because a barn cat knocked over your mug.
  • Snacks. Your experience will include lunch or dinner, depending on which shift you schedule, but if six hours is a long time, you may want to bring some snacks to keep in your car.

More details:

  • Please no tobacco use or vaping is permitted in, around, or near the barn or other buildings. You are always welcome to take a break from the kidding experience to go sit in your vehicle for such activities. 
  • All participants must be 12 or older.  If you have a younger child that you feel is mature enough to handle the experience, please contact us with why you feel we should make an exception.
  • Accessibility. Walking is required to reach the barns. Our 2 parking lots (Farm Store & Sweet Shop) are currently gravel so care should be taken with those who have difficulty walking.