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Pet Unscented

Pet Unscented
Pet Unscented

Unscented Pet Goat Milk Soap Full Bar
Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, this full bar weighs 4.5 - 5.5 oz. Made to lather well, our pet bar is easy to use on your dog or cat's coat. It will get their hair clean, but is a lot easier to rinse off than most other pet shampoos. It is unscented and the goat milk helps to make it gentle and non-irritating on their skin. It is also available as a half bar or travel bar.

Pet soap is also available in a scented version designed to repel bugs as a full bar, half bar, or travel bar.

Ingredients Raw goat milk; Saponified palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil; Aloe.
Our price: $8.00
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Megan Lind
    The pet soap is AMAZING!!!! We have 5 dogs and it usually takes us about 2 hrs to wash them well and get all the dirt off of them, we wash them every sunday. With this soap it took a total of 20 min to wash all 5!! Im amazed! It lathered right away, rinsed off like a dream, it also seemed alot easier to get them dried off very fast! Thankyou for making the job of bathing our dogs so much faster!!!
  • Author: Kristan Krout
    Today was 'spa day' for the pups. Got to try out the pet soap and loved it! Great scent, lathered well and rinsed clean. Left the fur soft and lightly scented!
  • Author: Jennifer
    Used the Pet Soap yesterday on 2 of my dogs and loved it!! It lathers so well, just like all the other soaps. I was really impressed today because with most pet shampoos I have to brush them both right away or they will be a tangled mess! They are a Yorkie & Bischon. Today, they are soft, no tangles and the stronger smell of the pet soap is very subtle!! I have to order more for next bath time as I only ordered half a bar to try it out :( thanks again for another great product!!!
  • Author: Kristi
    I used the pet soap on my dog too the other night and it was great. Really easy to lather her up - much easier than the liquid pet soap. I finally felt like I was able to get the dog clean! I will be ordering more of that and giving Daisy a bath more often for sure.
  • Author: Beverly Atkins
    This soap IS truly amazing. It leaves the coat silky soft and smells so good. It does lather easily and washes off quickly. I will be ordering more of this soap soon.
  • Author: Karla Bayfield
    I've got to admit I was skeptical at first about the pet soap. I'm not sure why as every other GMS product has been awesome and the pet bar is no exception. Even my hard to please husband was impressed. You can really get a good lather with this soap. It was very easy to wash the dog and the soap rinsed off very nicely too. Cooper stayed clean a good long while before he needed another bath. We'll continue to use this product as it was easier on us and I'm sure better for his skin! Thanks again.
  • Author: Mary Beth
    I ordered this a couple months ago but hadn't really gotten around to using it until today. Don't know what I was thinking - one word - AWESOME! Lathered almost instantly - no rubbing or using a rubber fingered brush to get a lather as with most pet shampoos. Easy to work through the coat and down to the skin, rinsed completely with little effort. Baths took 1/2 the normal time and much easier on my back. I have two 50# retrievers with long coats so bath time is a bit of work usually. So much easier with this pet bar! I have the unscented because next step is to bathe my cats :). Please consider making a scented pet bar without essential oils - such as Oatmeal Milk and Honey or Pink Sugary. Would love to have those light scents lingering....
  • Author: Kristen
    I feel like I'm just going to repeat everyone's comments, but I too love this soap!! My dog hates the bath, but this soap gets us both out of the tub in about half the time. I'm not totally in love with the strong scent, but once he's dry I can hardly smell it - he just smells clean. I might try the unscented, although I like the idea of keeping pests off of my pup. I also love how well and how fast the soap lathers. Not to mention how COMPLETELY the soap rinses out. I am very, very glad you make this soap!!
  • Author: Erin
    This pet bar is wonderful! Our lab mixes are cleaner than ever and it cut bath time in half because the soap rinses out so easily. It has helped with our all-natural approach to bug control, they smell so good for days after their baths and their coats are so shiny and smooth. One pet bar was good for 12 baths total for our 85 lb dogs (6 baths each dog). We are actually using less soap than we did with a conventional bottle of pet shampoo. Get this soap now! :)
  • Author: camille gude
    Although we haven't used our pet bar soap yet, it does have a nice smell!
  • Author: Ginger Ballard
    Love the pet bar! Speeds the process of washing our dogs each week!
  • Author: Lori Lenstrom
    I have a cocker spaniel which like most cocker's has "skin issues". Just like everyone else says, it rinsed right off. Best of all, no itching. Better than the sensitive skin stuff the groomer uses and will be taking a bar to the groomer for use on him from now on. (The only reason I bathed him at all was it had rained and he had mud mops for feet!!)
  • Author: Joanne Hand
    I got a sample of the unscented pet bar because I loved what GMS did for my skin and hoped it would also help my CAT who has dandruff. One wash and my cat was clean, soft, fluffy and dandruff free! This soap is by far the BEST SOAP I HAVE EVER USED ON MY CAT and I recommend it to anyone who may have the need to bathe their cat.
  • Author: Melissa Baker
    We are new to dog owning so I wasn't sure I'd like this soap versus a liquid shampoo. I don't just like it, I LOVE IT!!!!! It lathers & cleans well, rinses much easier than dog shampoos. Drying time is shortened as well! I also love the scent! Thanks for such an amazing product!!!
  • Author: Mandi McDanold
    Used your goat milk scented pet bar soap on our puppy for the first time this morning. It was so much easier to rinse out his coat than the stuff they sell at the pet stores. Now puppy smells great! I used one of your soap savers and it lathered up really good. It was a lot easier to spread throughout his entire body than the stuff they sell at the pet stores.
  • Author: Alex Drown
    Our lab used to have extremely dry skin, lots of dandruff, and was starting to get bald patches. I started using the pet bar along with a couple other home remedies and now he is almost completely dandruff free, his hair has grown back in, his coat is thick and shiny, and he sheds a lot less. Since he loves swimming and playing outdoors I love that the bar has oils to repel critters as well. Scout thinks it smells good too and always tries to eat the bar!
  • Author: Michelle Vogt
    I have to say, after reading all the reviews and talking to one of the Goat Milk Soap distributers in my area, I was a bit skeptical of this pet soap. I received it today and just gave my two pups, a border collie mix and an american pit bull terrier both a bath in less than 30 minutes! I am a believer!!! This soap is so much easier than the liquid shampoo we have been using for our dogs...and probably a lot safer! Thank you PJ and Jim for thinking of the pooches!!
  • Author: Joan French
    I used the unscented soap on my lab and loved it! The soap lathered quickly and worked really well with a rubber grooming tool. His coat is clean and shiny.
  • Author: Melissa
    I love their pet soap!! It rinses easier and my puppy is able to go longer w/o bathing. :0)
  • Author: Dee
    Tried the pet soap I ordered yesterday! AMAZING!!!!!
  • Author: Brenda
    Our little Jack Russell, Patches, is allergic to a long list of things, even oatmeal which is in most soap to soothe her skin. It has been a real challenge to find a soap that I can use on her. I wash her in 11.5 pH water & then rinse her in 5.5 pH beauty water which is the same pH as our skin, and she drinks 8.5 pH water. No more allergy shots or medications, YEAH! Using your pet bar with the water is perfect, her skin is finally healed and she is not scratching herself. She seems cleaner, softer than usual, love the scent and lather. Her, and I thank you so much! This is a true find for us! :)
  • Author: stacy
    Got this for my lab who hates baths but must bathe every so often. Lathered and rinsed easily in our soft water. Bathtime seemed to go by quicker and Honey's coat looks beautiful and she smells good, too. I liked the scent. Not too heavy and she smells clean. Will definitely purchase again.
  • Author: denise bates
    My dog had dry skin before using this pet soap. After the first bath there was such an improvement that I will not use anything else.
  • Author: Eileen
    We got a bar for the dog to help her dry skin and i cut it up into pieces and have been giving the pieces to friends and family for their dogs!! One piece lasts about 10 baths, and it rinses out really well!
  • Author: Sheri
    I absolutely LOVE your pet soap. One of my dogs hates water and doesn't want to stand around too long. I love the soap because it lathers up very quickly, so we finish up the scrubbing much faster than with other shampoos.
  • Author: Cindy
    Hey, just a note…I used the bar soap on my dogs and was THRILLED with the results..we had some hot spots going on. I have two bichons and a shitzu and the bichons especially get summer allergies and lick their darn feet to no end until they get sores as the summer progresses. Before I gave them a bath several weeks ago, they had several open wounds we were treating. A bath later..the licking has stopped….they ALSO smell yummy and their fur is soooooo soft…I love it..no more expensive dog shampoo for me...it was WAYYYY easier to get in difficult places like under their legs…and ect…
  • Author: Misty
    Okay, finally got a chance to use the soap you sent me as a sample. My "official" review (and I tested it on 4 very, very stinky, dirty medium coated dogs)
    1. At first, I did NOT like the bar shape, and admit, was skeptical of bar soap on a dog. But, after the first use, the bar quickly became easy to use. The scrubbing action of the soap on the dog really got the dirt out, and on their legs, I had plenty of suds to scrub down gentler areas. Worked very, very well...
    2. I did not think the bar would get my dogs soapy, because with liquid soap, they are super sudsy. They got "just sudsy enough!" I was super excited, because the liquid soap takes forever to rinse out, and this got them nice and clean, without spending an extra 10 minutes in the rinse cycle.
    3. I was not a fan of the citronella smell. But I have to say, it did not transfer to the dog, they just smelled clean. Knowing dog people like I do, I think smells like the Black Cherry, Citrus Basil, OMH, Fiji, and maybe the Purity for dogs with allergies, would sell better. Peppermint around Christmas maybe.
    4. The dogs, when dry, felt good. Not overly scented, which is good. Their fur was soft, not greasy, but not overly conditioned either. Overall, I was way more impressed than I thought I would be, using a bar soap on the dogs. I have 4 border collies (medium coated) and one has a double coat, which is a pain. She was my litmus test for sure, and it worked great on her. Even my shorter coated dog soaped up fine and cleaned up well.
  • Author: Nancy
    You have a winner! I finally got around to giving the dog a bath yesterday and I love the dog soap. It lathered good and rinsed off great. The dog (Taz) looks wonderful. THANKS! Keep up the GREAT Work!!!! A very happy customer!
  • Author: Beverly
    Just tried the pet soap. Well, I shared it with a friend who tried it and she loved it. My sweet Callie got into some RED paint and she is going to the groomer today to get 'repaired'. My friend said her dog's coat was silky smooth and he smelled so clean and wonderful. I can't wait to try it after we get the paint taken care of. EVERYTHING from Goat Milk Stuff is wonderful. Thanks for making my life better!"
  • Author: Nicole
    The pet bar is amazing! It lathers great!!
  • Author: Kristi
    I have the pet bar and love using it on our fleabag. It really is so much easier to use than a liquid soap. I feel like I can get her fully clean.
  • Author: Ann
    This is a great shamppo for our dogs, especially for the Golden Retriever, with his long hair, and his dry problem skin.
    The dogs are very soft after the bath
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