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Natural Baby Soap For Sensitive Skin

Taking care of your baby’s skin is crucial in keeping it happy and healthy. Natural baby soaps, like our goat milk soaps, are non-toxic and offer numerous benefits for your baby’s skin.

The reason I started making soap for our family in the first place was because I finally noticed the ingredients on the back of the baby wash that I had always used. I was shocked to find that it was made with petroleum-based chemicals and other harsh chemicals I couldn't pronounce. I decided then and there to make my own natural soap that would be good for my children's skin.

I used the Castile on my babies until they were about 2 months old. Then I switched them to the Purity until they were about 6 months. My children had no skin issues, so after 6 months, they used whatever soap their older siblings used in the tub. I used the soap on their hair as well as on their skin.

If you’re looking for the right natural soap for your baby’s delicate skin, we want to help. Explore our suggestions above, or learn more about our recommendations below.

Natural Soap for Baby Skin

Babies naturally have sensitive skin, which is why it’s important to choose a natural soap that will nourish and hydrate their delicate skin. Our Goat Milk Stuff soaps are natural and made with sensitive skins in mind.

We recommend starting with our Castile Goat Milk Soap, as this is our gentlest soap and is made with just two ingredients, raw goat milk and saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, making it wonderful for hyper-sensitive skin.

What Makes Ours the Best Goat Milk Soap for Sensitive Baby Skin?

Our natural soaps are made using raw goat milk, which offers numerous benefits for sensitive or dry skin, such as alpha-hydroxy acids. Alpha-hydroxy acids help remove dead skin cells and encourage new skin cell growth.

It also contains proteins and fatty acids that are hydrating for the skin. Goat milk soaps can have anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce irritation and redness commonly seen in many sensitive skin conditions.

Our natural soaps keep your baby's skin soft, clean, and hydrated. You can also use our goat milk soap on your baby's hair as well as their skin. (Just be careful to not get any in their eyes. Soap in the eyes can sting!)

Which Goat Milk Soap is Best for Baby Skin?

We have two goat milk soaps that we suggested above for your baby's skin. These have gotten great feedback from our customers who use them on their own babies and have had wonderful results.

  • Castile Goat Milk Soap is made with only organic extra virgin olive oil and raw goat milk and is unscented. The creamy, lotion-like lather and minimal ingredients make it the top goat milk soap we recommend first for infants and hyper-sensitive skin.
  • Purity Goat Milk Soap is an unscented soap with simple ingredients and is very gentle and moisturizing for sensitive skin.

5 Steps to Use Goat Milk Soap for Baby Skin

We recommend the following steps to start your baby on their goat milk soap journey:

  1. Make sure your baby's soap, lotion, shampoo and laundry soap are as natural and chemical-free as possible. Chemicals can aggravate dry or sensitive skin and are hidden in many baby products.
  2. Use the Castile Goat Milk Soap on your baby's skin until they are at least 2 months old. We have the bar soap for bathing or an Castile Goat Milk Bath you can add to your baby's bath water. You can also use the Castile soap as a gentle baby shampoo.
  3. If you need to follow-up with a lotion (most babies don't need it), try adding the Unscented Solid Goat Milk Lotion to see if it improves your baby's skin. We suggest only using unscented products until your baby is at least 6-12 months old. Many people are tempted to want their babies to smell like baby powder, but it's best for their skin to avoid scent until they are older.
  4. Change your laundry habits and switch to our Laundry Soap with simple ingredients and no unnecessary chemicals. Clothes, sheets, and towels touch you and your baby's skin on a regular basis. Chemicals in commercial laundry detergent remain on those items and can irritate sensitive skin.
  5. After your baby turns 2 months old, you can switch them to the Purity Goat Milk Soap. Once they are about 6 months old, you can try a scented soap if you'd prefer.

Some babies, depending on their skin, need to stick with the unscented (Purity) soap, particularly if they have eczema-prone skin. Some babies are able to use scented soaps. You should always test the soap on a small part of your baby's skin, especially if they have very sensitive skin, to see how they react.



Baby Soap Frequently Asked Questions

Should Newborns Be Washed With Soap?

Many people delay washing their baby's skin with soap in the first 4-6 weeks, as it is sensitive and soft. After this period, a newborn’s umbilical cord should have fallen off, or a baby boy’s circumcision should have healed. If you don't want to wait that long, it's important to use a fragrance-free baby soap during bath time and unscented natural moisturizers after your baby’s bath.

What Soap Can You Use On A Newborn?

In the beginning, baby skin does not require frequent washing. We start our babies with the Castile soap until they are about two months old. Then we switch them to the Purity soap until they are six months old. Both of these goat milk soaps are unscented, non-toxic, natural, and contain moisturizing ingredients.

What Soap Is Best For Babies With Sensitive Skin?

Babies have soft, delicate skin that requires the right products. For babies with sensitive skin, it’s even more imperative that you consider your baby soap carefully. For a baby with sensitive skin, you want to choose a soap that hydrates and protects the skin but also does not cause any allergies, irritations, or infections.

Our Goat Milk Stuff Soaps are all-natural and ideal for those with sensitive skin - even those with eczema and psoriasis. The Castile soap is made with organic extra virgin olive oil, making it incredibly gentle on the skin and ideal for newborns. As your baby grows, you will be able to switch to the Purity soap bar, which is made using natural ingredients. This means that it’s non-toxic and non-fragrant, so it will not cause any skin irritations for your baby.

How Often Should You Bathe a Newborn?

A newborn baby, till the age of 12 months, can be given a full bath around 2-3 times a week. If they enjoy baths, you can bathe them once a day, but more than this may dry their skin out.

Should You Moisturize a Baby's Skin?

This depends on your baby’s skin. Some babies should be moisturized after bathing to help prevent dryness and irritation. Other babies will need nothing on their skin after being cleaned with goat milk soap.

Is Goat Milk Soap Good for a Baby's Skin?

Absolutely! The natural fat molecules in goat milk help moisturize and soothe the skin, while the milk's lactic acid can help gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.
Michael in bath with goat milk soap

Why Choose Goat Milk Stuff?

Your baby has brand new skin and you want to only use skincare products that will help it grow and stay healthy. This was the very motive that led to Goat Milk Stuff. We were appalled at the chemical soups that pass as baby products in the marketplace so we decided to make goat milk soap for babies that gently cleanse without chemicals. 

When you choose our Castile, Calendula, or Purity, these baby soaps for sensitive skin will support your mission to care for your baby naturally bolstered by the enriching properties of goat milk..

Our family eagerly prays that these Goat Milk Stuff soaps for baby skin and our additional goat milk products will contribute to a lifetime of healthy skin, as they have for thousands of others, because healthy skin is happy skin!