Bug Out Goat Milk Soap
Keep those biting bugs away with this goat milk soap made with a proprietary blend of essential oils that give it a fragrance that is ple... View more
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Dish Washing Goat Milk Soap
Dish washing soap is formulated with a blend of Orange, Lemongrass, and Tea Tree essential oils to blast grease, naturally fight microbes... View more
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Jewelweed for Poison Ivy Goat Milk Soap
Jewelweed is a plant that is often used by herbalists to relieve poison ivy symptoms. We take fresh jewelweed and infuse it in oils and t... View more
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Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap
Tea tree has a strong, clean, slightly medicinal scent that people tend to either love or hate. You'll learn to love tea tree for all its... View more
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Pet Bar Scented Goat Milk Soap
Because your pet should feel comfortable in his coat, but fleas and ticks shouldn't. Give your fur baby a bath that will make his skin fe... View more
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Pet Bar Unscented Goat Milk Soap
Your pet's sensitive skin deserves special treatment and this is it. Since it is made to lather well, the Goat Milk Soap Pet Bar is easy ... View more
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Rosemary Mint Shampoo Goat Milk Soap
Refresh your hair naturally with this solid shampoo bar scented with Rosemary and Mint essential oils. The Goat Milk Solid Shampoo Bars a... View more
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Tea Tree Shampoo Goat Milk Soap
Banish scalp acne and dandruff naturally with the power of Tea Tree essential oil. The Goat Milk Solid Shampoo Bars are a different formu... View more
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Unscented Shampoo Goat Milk Soap
Gently renew your hair and scalp naturally with this solid shampoo that has no added scents. The Goat Milk Solid Shampoo Bars are a diffe... View more
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Oatmeal Milk & Honey Luffa Goat Milk Soap
Convenient exfoliation and our most popular scent is like double prizes. We take a natural luffa sponge and fill it with our goat milk so... View more
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Peppermint Luffa Goat Milk Soap
You'll be invigorated and exfoliated naturally with this Peppermint Luffa. We take a natural luffa sponge and fill it with our goat milk ... View more
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Tea Tree Luffa Goat Milk Soap
Keeping bacteria, viruses and fungi (like athlete's foot) at bay naturally while efficiently exfoliating makes this luffa a winner. We ta... View more
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Cedarwood Vanilla Shaving Goat Milk Soap
Warm and woodsy, this shaving soap makes shaving a breeze. This is an amazing shaving soap with a full, thick lather. It is great for bot... View more
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Oatmeal Milk & Honey Shaving Goat Milk Soap
Smooth move choosing this, our most popular fragrance! This is an amazing shaving soap with a full, thick lather. The Oatmeal Milk & ... View more
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Unscented Shaving Goat Milk Soap
When you want a clean smooth shave without any added fragrance, this is your best bet. This is an amazing shaving soap with a full, thick... View more
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Laundry Stain Stick Goat Milk Laundry Soap
These Laundry Stain Sticks have gotten out everything I've tried - tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, blackberry juice, blood stains, and gras... View more
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Most commercial bug repellents contain harmful ingredients like DEET. The Bug Out Goat Milk Soap uses a natural blend of essential oils to help repel biting insects. "I gave it [Bug Out Soap] as a gift. He was really pleased that he didn't seem to have any bug problems or bites and that he didn't have to keep spreading on nasty chemicals that he'd breathe in and would irritate his COPD. Definitely made another new satisfied customer!"  - Kristine S.

Jewelweed is a flowering plant that grows wild in places where poison ivy is often found. We wild-harvest the jewelweed and infuse it in olive oil for many weeks. We then use the olive oil and chopped up jewelweed to create the Jewelweed Goat Milk Soap. You can use it to help prevent and treat poison ivy. "This soap is my lifeline in the summer. I just look at poison ivy and I have it. This soap prevents break outs, and helps the rash dry faster than anything I've tried. It's a much needed alternative to steroids! Thank you so much!"  - Brandi H.

Tea Tree oil is an essential oil that is naturally anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. The Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap can offer relief and be a great tool for helping to fight acne, psoriasis, and other skin issues. "The Tea tree soap really has helped my psoriasis. Unbelievable how much better it is. I will always keep this soap stocked at home.it is the first goat milk soap that has helped. You have a customer for life. Thanks so much for making great products."  - Ruth C.

Don't forget to nourish your pet's skin and fur as well without the use of harsh, chemical ingredients. The Scented Pet Goat Milk Soap uses a blend of natural essential oils to safely help repel bugs. But stick with the Unscented Pet Goat Milk Soap for cats or dogs with skin allergies or sensitivities. "After stumbling onto your products recently, I just had to write to say how much I love your stuff! The pet bar is a dream! I have a Shi Tzu that has had problems with her skin for a very long time. The first use of the pet bar showed an almost healing of her skin. Her coat is so nice and clean and soft. She’s not scratching anymore either."  - Vicki

A Natural Shampoo will not only keep chemicals off your hair and scalp. It may also help thicken your hair, reduce hair loss, and prevent dandruff (read 7 Benefits of Switching to a Natural Shampoo). Regularly using the Natural Goat Milk Soap Shampoo Bars will nourish your scalp and keep your hair soft, healthy, and manageable.  "I have used this shampoo for a few years now, and it always amazes me how much lighter my hair feels after using it. It strips all of the heavy metals that get attached to my hair from our hard water and my hair feels so soft and light after washing. I do have to use some conditioner due to my long hair, but not nearly as much as I used to. I love this shampoo!"  - Heidi M.

Exfoliating your skin is important to help it look its best. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and can lead to healthier looking skin, smaller pores, fewer breakouts, and less obvious wrinkles. Goat milk naturally contains lactic acid which can aid in natural exfoliation. Using a Goat Milk Soap Luffa is a great way to regularly exfoliate.  "Just love it! I use it [OMH Luffa] to shower everyday !! If exfoliates and since I’ve been using this product with the Omh goat soap my Skin is like a babies bottom. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful products!"  - Michelle D.

The Shaving Goat Milk Soap uses natural ingredients to nourish your skin and protect it from irritation. It includes clay to help your razor glide smoothly over your skin and aloe to moisturize it and help prevent razor burn. "I liked the shaving soaps I bought. They went on creamy and felt gentle. My wife especially likes the OMH one because it is mildly sweet. These are better than any store-bought ones I used and I tried them all. We learned about them when my wife received the bath bar soap from a friend. Thank you for making a shaving soap with excellent ingredients."  - Richard B.

There's also a way to naturally remove stains from your clothes. The Stain Stick uses orange essential oil to break down grease stains and tea tree essential oil to break down bacteria stains. You can also check out the other Natural Laundry Soaps that we have available. "It [Stain Stick] is a great tool in the laundry room! The stain stick helps remove the stains from my son’s baseball uniforms. I use it along with the laundry bar and scrub by hand as the pants soak in the sink. His white pants turn out amazing!"  - Stacie B.

It's important to keep your skin healthy and protected. No matter what your specialty needs, we've got a Goat Milk Soap for you!