Bug Out Goat Milk Soap
Ditch the chemicals and repel bugs naturally with Bug Out, a proprietary blend of essential oils that’s soft on skin but tough on insects... View more
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Dish Washing Goat Milk Soap
Dish washing soap is formulated with a blend of Orange, Lemongrass, and Tea Tree essential oils to blast grease, naturally fight microbes... View more
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Jewelweed for Poison Ivy Goat Milk Soap
Long celebrated by herbalists for its medicinal sap, Jewelweed is a natural antidote to such skin inflictions as poison ivy, stinging net... View more
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Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap
Crisp and clean, the Tea Tree scent is strong, camphor-like, and slightly medicinal thanks to its variety of healing phytochemicals. Deri... View more
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Pet Bar Scented Goat Milk Soap
Keep your furry friends clean and pest-free with the goodness of goat milk soap. Our pet soaps are a gentle, natural alternative to shamp... View more
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Pet Bar Unscented Goat Milk Soap
Give your pet all of the nourishment their skin and fur needs, and none of the nonsense. Our Unscented Goat Milk Soap Pet Bar is ideal fo... View more
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Shampoo Rosemary Mint Goat Milk Soap
Our Rosemary Mint scent is a zesty and uplifting aroma that combines fresh spearmint with undertones of rosemary and peppermint. All main... View more
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Shampoo Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap
Crisp and clean, the Tea Tree scent is strong, camphor-like, and slightly medicinal thanks to its variety of healing phytochemicals. Deri... View more
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Shampoo Unscented Goat Milk Soap
Gently renew your hair and scalp naturally with this solid shampoo that has no added scents. The Goat Milk Solid Shampoo Bars are a diffe... View more
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Luffa Oatmeal Milk & Honey Goat Milk Soap
Convenient exfoliation and our most popular scent is like double prizes. We take a natural luffa sponge and fill it with our goat milk so... View more
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Luffa Peppermint Goat Milk Soap
With its cool and invigorating aroma, Peppermint has a distinct and minty scent profile thanks to its makeup of menthol and menthone. A s... View more
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Luffa Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap
Crisp and clean, the Tea Tree scent is strong, camphor-like, and slightly medicinal thanks to its variety of healing phytochemicals. Deri... View more
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Shaving Cedarwood Vanilla Goat Milk Soap
Cedarwood Vanilla is a warm and woodsy fragrance that will envelop you with a scent reminiscent of the outdoors. This fragrance blend is ... View more
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Shaving Oatmeal Milk & Honey Goat Milk Soap
Smooth move choosing this, our most popular fragrance! This is an amazing shaving soap with a full, thick lather. The Oatmeal Milk & ... View more
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Shaving Unscented Goat Milk Soap
When you want a clean smooth shave without any added fragrance, this is your best bet. This is an amazing shaving soap with a full, thick... View more
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Laundry Stain Stick Goat Milk Laundry Soap
These Laundry Stain Sticks have gotten out everything I've tried - tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, blackberry juice, blood stains, and gras... View more
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Specialty Goat Milk Soap Soap Common Uses

From skin irritations to creating the perfect shave, our specialty soaps are created with your daily needs in mind. Specialty soaps include:

● Goat Milk Shaving Soap in several scents to create the perfect shave while minimizing skin irritation.
● Jewelweed Goat Milk Soap for poison ivy irritation.
● Bug Out Goat Milk Soap to deter bugs.
● Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap for use as an antibacterial on cuts, scrapes and acne.
● Pet Goat Milk Soaps to help repel bugs like ticks and fleas as well as to keep your pets fresh and clean without irritating their skin.
● Goat Milk Soap Shampoo Bars in a range of scents, (including unscented) for healthier and stronger hair.
● Goat Milk Soap Luffas in a variety of scents to help exfoliate for smoother, healthier skin and the perfect wet body brushing experience.
● Goat Milk Soap Laundry Stain Sticks to get out stubborn stains you can’t seem to lift.
● Dishwashing Goat Milk to blast grease and clean stubborn messes naturally.

What Makes Specialty Goat Milk Soaps So Special?

Unlike most store bought products in these categories, Specialty Goat Milk Soaps don’t use nasty chemicals to get the job done. For example, our Bug Out Goat Milk Soap uses a special blend of essential oils to keep bugs at bay rather than DEET. By using natural ingredients like essential oils, we’re optimizing the healing and aromatherapy powers of oils combined with the natural skin-loving properties of goat milk soap.

Benefits of Specialty Goat Milk Soaps For Your Skin

Goat milk soap contains powerful ingredients to treat and care for your skin, so you get two-in-one: Your favorite product plus the nourishing properties of goat milk soap.

Whether you’re using goat milk soap specialty soaps to clean your pet or you’re caring for your locks with a goat milk soap shampoo bar, all our goat milk soap products are made with your skin’s natural balance in mind. This means we don’t use nasty chemicals that are found in many common cleansing and household products.

How Does Goat Milk Soap Nourish Your Skin?

Goat milk soap is a sumptuous treat for your skin thanks to the clever compounds it contains. Lactic acid, a dominant ingredient in goat milk, is an alpha hydroxy acid and natural exfoliant that sloughs off dead skin, letting the new, brighter skin shine through.

Selenium and Vitamin A, well-known for their skin-saving powers, are also abundant in goat milk. These two powerful ingredients help heal and repair skin that is cracked, peeling, irritated, or dry. In fact, Vitamin A is often used in dermatological creams thanks to its ability to gently nourish highly irritated skin, such as skin in the midst of an eczema flare up. These components of goat milk make our specialty soaps perfect for anyone with sensitive skin to try.

Goat Milk Soap Specialty Soaps Are Effective but Gentle on Skin

Our children grew up running around our property, and we wanted to find a way to ease their bug bites, poison ivy rashes and even keep their hair clean without using store bought products full of nasty chemicals. That’s why we created our specialty goat milk soaps. They give us confidence in our ability to soothe our childrens’ irritated skin without any harsh chemicals. We hope you give them a try and enjoy similar results!