With only three ingredients, our Liquid Goat Milk Soap is effective to use on your body, face, or as a hand soap to feel soft, smooth, and clean. By adding just the right amount of filtered water to our famous Goat Milk Soap formula, we’ve created a liquid soap option that is generally non-irritating and ready for use in a foamer bottle.

For sensitive skin, start with our Unscented Liquid Goat Milk Soap. If you’d like an invigorating scent, we have eight options to choose from.

We use these liquid soaps all over the farm, and visitors and our family love them!

Skin Benefits of Liquid Goat Milk Soap

Goat milk provides many skin benefits, and the miracle of goat milk soap lies in the lactic acid, Vitamin A, Selenium, and other compounds goat milk naturally contains. Lactic acid is a natural alpha-hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates the skin, revealing a youthful and radiant complexion. In addition to lactic acid’s anti-aging properties, goat milk also contains antioxidants, reducing the skin’s oxidative stress, which can lead to premature aging. All of these natural benefits are still gentle, meaning products containing goat milk, like our liquid soap, can still be enjoyed by people with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Skin health is amplified by the naturally occurring minerals of the milk, such as Selenium and Vitamin A, which help in the repair of sun-damaged skin. Goat milk also contains cream that is incredibly nourishing and moisturizing, and assists in common skin problems like cracking, peeling, and eczema. Liquid goat milk soap thoroughly cleans and moisturizes your skin, while also caring for common skin concerns, all without added harsh chemicals.

How We Make Our Liquid Goat Milk Soap

Our Liquid Goat Milk soap is made from simple ingredients: goat milk, olive oil, and castor oil. Potassium hydroxide (lye) is used to start the saponification (or soapmaking) chemical reaction that converts these basic ingredients into a goat milk soap paste, which is then heated for several days. Once the soap is the desired consistency, water is added to dilute the soap paste.

This results in a liquid soap that is the perfect consistency for a foaming bottle while retaining the nourishing benefits of goat milk. Any additional essential oils or fragrance oils are then added to create our signature scents.

Do Your Skin a Favor

If you’ve been using well-known, commercial soaps on your skin, take a look at the ingredients! Sadly, store-bought soap is full of chemicals that can be unkind to your skin.

By making the switch to natural options, like our liquid goat milk soap, you’ll be doing your skin a favor. With this switch, you should find your skin moisturized and hydrated, as well as radiant, youthful, and less irritated.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Liquid Goat Milk Soap Expire?

No! In general, goat milk soap does not go bad, but instead gets more gentle as it ages and does not expire. This is accomplished without the use of preservatives, as the pH level of the soap prevents the growth of any nasty mold or bacteria. The saponification (soapmaking) reaction allows the goat milk to retain its beneficial properties, without any of the components that may spoil or grow bacteria. One thing to keep in mind is that the soap scent may start to fade around 9-12 months, but the soap itself gets better as it ages and doesn’t go bad.

Does This Liquid Soap Have Any Synthetic Ingredients?

No! Liquid goat milk soap does not contain any synthetic ingredients in the base formulation. In fact, it only uses three simple ingredients to create an effective and nourishing soap product. By combining raw goat milk and a blend of saponified olive and castor oil, the soap is rich, and stays natural. Our unscented liquid soap only uses these natural ingredients.

Certain scents (Black Raspberry, Honeysuckle, and Oatmeal Milk & Honey) use paraben-free and phthalate-free fragrance oils, which include synthetic ingredients designed to replicate certain scents that can’t be achieved directly from nature. If you’re mindful of synthetic ingredients, try our unscented option or a liquid soap scented with natural essential oils such as Almond, Citrus Tea, Lemongrass, Lavender, or Rosemary Mint.

Is Liquid Goat Milk Soap Safe for Baby’s Skin?

Yes! While we recommend using our more gentle bar soap for baby’s baths, Liquid Goat Milk Soap is safe for washing baby’s hands. We recommend starting with the unscented option to reduce any risk of irritation. After six months of age, you can branch into scented options, though some babies may need to stick to the unscented soap. Before trying any soap on your baby’s skin, you should test the soap on a small area and see how their skin reacts and if there are any sensitivities.

Will Liquid Goat Milk Soap Foam?

Yes! Liquid Goat Milk Soap can foam and is meant to be used in a foamer bottle, which makes this a great hand soap option. Our Liquid Goat Milk Soap is sold in a 4oz foamer bottle, and is designed to be used with this type of dispenser. Since we do not add any chemicals to thicken the soap, it may splatter if put in another container such as a pump bottle. When used in the foamer bottle, the soap will pump out in a luscious, full bodied foam. Unlike other store-bought foaming soaps, our liquid goat milk soap is non-drying due to the amazing benefits of goat milk.

The 16oz refill bottle of liquid soap can be used to refill the 4oz foamer bottles for a recyclable option. Our soap requires no dilution, and can be poured into the foamer bottle, ready for use!

Does Liquid Goat Milk Soap Have the Same Benefits as Solid Bar Soap?

Both our liquid soap and bar soap contain the same nourishing goat milk, which leads to the same skin benefits our goat milk products are known for. The main difference between the solid bar soap and the liquid soap is the form it comes in, the process to make the soap, and the ingredients used to make the soap. After being made, bar soap is cured for 6 weeks. During this time period it finishes saponifying and dries out so that it becomes more gentle and lasts longer. In contrast, the liquid soap paste is heated or cooked for at least 3 days after it is made. The liquid soap completely saponifies during these 3 days so that it is more gentle.

Regardless of the differences in how it is made, the goat milk in the liquid soap still contains the same skin boosting properties like antioxidants and minerals. But If you’re struggling with skin conditions such as eczema or acne, start with the bar soap first before switching to the liquid soap. Because it isn’t heated, the bar soap can be just a tiny bit gentler for problem skin.

Why Choose Goat Milk Stuff?

Our journey with Goat Milk Stuff began with the intent to give our family chemical-free, natural alternatives to traditional soaps. We happily discovered that goat milk may have added therapeutic benefits for those suffering from eczema and other sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis, dry skin, and acne.

Goat milk soap is also wonderful for keeping healthy skin happy.

We’ve been blessed to use what God has given us to help families get the relief they need from painful skin conditions, like eczema. Our family regularly prays that our Goat Milk Stuff will not only help whoever needs it but that it helps you and your loved ones find the relief you’ve been searching for. Because healthy skin is happy skin!