5 Steps to Healthier Lips

#1 - Stop The Reaction
Many people find themselves applying and reapplying lip balm. This can be caused by an irritant or allergy to an ingredient in the conventional lip balm they are currently using. A natural lip balm has less potential allergens, using ingredients like beeswax and natural oils to lock in moisture instead of chemicals. We have two different goat milk lip balm formulas so that people who are sensitive to certain lip balm ingredients have options for a natural goat milk lip balm.

#2 - Stop Licking Your Lips
Licking your lips may seem like an easy way to moisten them, but saliva does not moisturize. In fact, between the enzymes in saliva and the fact that it evaporates quickly, you’re actually reducing the hydration of your lips every time you lick them.

#3 - Remove Harsh Ingredients
Many traditional lip products have harsh chemicals, strong fragrances, and harmful preservatives. Finding a natural lip balm without any of those ingredients can reduce irritation and moisturize naturally.

#4 - Stay Hydrated
It may seem overly simple, but staying hydrated will improve the health of your lips. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of dry, chapped lips, so drinking enough water can make a huge difference.

#5 - Switch to Goat Milk Stuff Lip Balm
Our simple, natural, handcrafted lip balms with dehydrated goat milk have helped thousands of satisfied customers improve their chapped lips. Find your favorite flavor and try them today!

"Love that it leaves my lips hydrated, and it's not overly greasy or shiny. Plus, it smells good too." - Ryan F. from Stone Mountain, GA

"I love using products that are all-natural, but sometimes it doesn't do the job. However, this lip balm is not that way! I love this lip balm, and they didn't hold back on the peppermint! If I purchase something that is scented, I want to be able to smell it! Of course, it also makes my lips feel soft and emollient. I am a year-round lip balm user, and I'm so glad I tried this one!!" - Diane E. from City of Saint Peters, MO