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Natural Soap for Sensitive Skin

Natural Soap for Sensitive Skin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of sensitive skin?

Common signs of sensitive skin include redness, dryness, and tightness, as well as itchiness and a burning sensation. Other symptoms of sensitive skin can include rashes, hives, and puffiness, depending on a number of internal and external factors.

What is the Best Natural Soap for Sensitive Skin?

When selecting a natural soap for your sensitive skin, you need to be aware of what ingredients it contains in order to prevent a skin reaction. Sensitive skin needs as few ingredients as possible. This limits the possibilities for negative interactions. Make sure to use soaps that are:

  • Fragrance free
  • Sulfate (and other chemical) free
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Designed to nourish your skin
Our natural soaps are made using raw goat milk, which offers numerous benefits for those with dry skin, such as alpha-hydroxy acids, which help remove dead skin cells and encourage new skin cell growth. It also contains proteins and fatty acids that are hydrating for the skin. Goat milk soaps can have anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce irritation and redness commonly seen in many sensitive skin conditions.

How Can I Cure My Sensitive Skin?

‘Curing’ is not necessarily the right word. But, you can manage your sensitive skin reactions by avoiding certain triggers such as:

  • Excessive hot showers
  • Perfumes
  • Chemicals
  • Dyes
  • Scented beauty products, cosmetics, and laundry detergents
You should try to keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizer and also try to use soaps, lotions, and sunscreens that have been designed for people with sensitive skin.

Does sensitive skin go away?

Sensitive skin is a condition that can be managed but does not really go away completely. Factors such as genetics, environmental conditions, and certain skincare products can all contribute to the development of sensitive skin.

By avoiding irritants and having a healthy skincare routine, people with sensitive skin can reduce the symptoms and improve the overall appearance and feel of their skin. We recommend trying our sensitive skin bundle, as it is specifically designed to nourish and care for sensitive skin.

Tip: We explain how best to take care of sensitive skin in our blog.

Sensitive Skin Testimonials

I have very sensitive skin, especially on my scalp, and used these products for four months before leaving a review in case I had any reactions. I am happy to say that I just placed another order and am probably a life-long customer. I have not had a single negative reaction to the purity bar, unscented shampoo bar, unscented mango based lotion, unscented lip balm, or unscented deodorant.

I am very happy with the results of these products. It took 2 weeks for my skin to adjust to the deodorant and about 4 weeks for my hair to adjust to the shampoo bar. My hair looked very oily during the transition period, and I almost gave up. I am very glad I did not. My hair now looks great and I don't have to worry about developing scaly patches or sores on my scalp.

Prior to the shampoo bar, I could never use the same shampoo/conditioner longer than a week or two. These bars also last much longer than anything I have tried from the local farmers market. They cost a little more initially but I get much more bang for my buck.
- Suzanne B.

I have been using the various sensitive skin soaps for over a couple of years now because of different skin allergies. These soaps have helped clear my skin, taken away the itchies (chamomile), and have left my skin so soft and smooth at the grand old age of 61. Foolishly I tried another brand briefly to save some money. What a mistake. I must have been allergic to different scents the other brand put in their soap. Lesson learned. I am back here to stay.
- Lynn

100% satisfied with your soaps. I ordered tea tree GMS. You guys are among the few that ship worldwide.  My whole family has sensitive skin. So your soaps are true lifesavers! :) Thanks and blessings to your family :))
- Codarren

Your soaps, unscented shampoo, lotion sticks have made a HUGE difference to my skin, scalp and hair. I cannot begin to say enough good things about your products. Thanks so much to you and your goats! THE BEST products around! Anyone with skin conditions, sensitive skin and thinning hair should without hesitation give your products a try and experience the amazing difference.
- Lisa