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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

If you or a loved one are struggling with sensitive skin, we have good news. Our Goat Milk Soap has helped thousands of people with relief from their sensitive skin struggles since we started Goat Milk Stuff in 2008. But how do you know which soaps to try?

The Best Goat Milk Soap For Sensitive Skin

Everyone’s skin is different, so the best soap for each person is different. These are the soaps that have helped the most people with their sensitive skin. We recommend starting with our Purity goat milk soap, which has no added color or fragrance and is made with simple ingredients to soothe your skin. We also offer a Sensitive Skin Bundle, which contains the goat milk soaps that help the most people and gives you the opportunity to test which goat milk soaps help your sensitive skin the most.

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If you or a loved one are struggling with sensitive skin, we have good news. Our Goat Milk Soap has... Read More

Sensitive Skin Testimonials

I have very sensitive skin, especially on my scalp, and used these products for four months before leaving a review in case I had any reactions. I am happy to say that I just placed another order and am probably a life-long customer. 
I have not had a single negative reaction to the purity bar, unscented shampoo bar, unscented mango based lotion, unscented lip balm, or unscented deodorant. I am very happy with the results of these products. It took 2 weeks for my skin to adjust to the deodorant ant about 4 weeks for my hair to adjust to the shampoo bar. My hair looked very oily during the transition period, and I almost gave up. I am very glad I did not. My hair now looks great and I don't have to worry about developing scaly patches or sores on my scalp. Prior to the shampoo bar, I could never use the same shampoo/conditioner longer than a week or two. These bars also last much longer than anything I have tried from the local farmers market. They cost a little more initially but I get much more bang for my buck. 
The customer service is top notch. When they were able to save on shipping, those savings were forwarded to me, along with a handwritten note explaining what happened. 
I highly recommend this family business and their unscented products. I look forward to the day I get brave enough to test out some of the scented versions.
- Suzanne B.

I've had sensitive skin all my life, and always have some kind of rash or reaction to treat. 
From psoriasis, to rosacea to heat rash even and growing up in the tropics didn't help. 
I recently moved to Columbus,Ohio and in my bid to clear my skin again, someone recommended that I try natural goat milk products A google search and I came across the site. I got the Liquid body was in Pomengrenate Lemonade(Smells amazing like bubble gum!!) , the bar soap in bamboo charcoal (washes off make up better than any cleanser) and the lip balm(vanilla which keeps my lips moisturized all night).  They shipped super fast! (2 days) and I started using the this week, No new rash since then and all the previous rash is drying up. i'm defintely hooked! and will keep ordering from here. 
Finally a product that works!!
- Abimbola 

I have very sensitive skin on my face and have reacted negatively in some way to all products I have tried over the years. I did some research on goat milk products and came across Goat Milk Stuff's website. I ordered the Sensitive Skin pack and used the Purity soap and Original Unscented lotion bar on my face. I IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference. I have been using it for a month now and have thrown away all other face products I had been using. After just a couple days of using these products my skin felt and looked noticeably better. I love this stuff! So glad I found these products! 
- Teale

I have been using the various sensitive skin soaps for over a couple of years now because of different skin allergies. These soaps have helped clear my skin, taken away the itchies (chamomile), and have left my skin so soft and smooth at the grand old age of 61. Foolishly I tried another brand briefly to save some money. What a mistake. I must have been allergic to different scents the other brand put in their soap. Lesson learned. I am back here to stay. 
- Lynn

100% satisfied with your soaps. I ordered tea tree GMS. You guys are among the few that ship worldwide.  My whole family has sensitive skin. So your soaps are true lifesavers ! :) 
Thanks and blessings to your family :))
- Codarren

Your soaps, unscented shampoo, lotion sticks have made a HUGE difference to my skin, scalp and hair. I cannot begin to say enough good things about your products. Thanks so much to you and your goats! THE BEST products around! Anyone with skin conditions, sensitive skin and thinning hair should without hesitation give your products a try and experience the amazing difference.
- Lisa 

We received a gift of your fine product from our son and family for Christmas. We own and operate a Bakery and and it is hard on your hands with frequent hand washing. My husband has extremely dry, sensitive skin and suffers all winter long with cracked, bleeding hands. After just a few days of using the purity soap, he began to see healing! I began using it as well as a face soap. it is gentle and leaves our skin feeling soft and moisturized. We just placed our 3rd order and have passed along some for people to try. We are very pleased with the Purity soap, the prompt, efficient shipping. We always try to support small, family businesses. You are doing great work! 
- Laura &Scott 

My husband has very sensitive skin and when he shaves he gets bad red bumps on his neck and they burn. He shaved with your soap and was very happy not to have any irritation! 
- Lisa C 

I bought some of your purity bar soap for my grandson, who is blind, for his birthday and when he used it all up he cried because his soap was gone. He said he loved how it made his skin feel. He has very sensitive skin. 
- Linda

I love all the soaps I have tried for sensitive skin. They are very helpful and make my skin comfortable.
- Gerry Ann

I purchased GMStuff soap a couple of years ago and have been using it ever since. I have very sensitive skin and used to itch constantly all over my body. Your soap has managed to tame the itch monster! I've tried many fragrances and prefer the Tea Tree due to the healing properties of the tea tree oil. I have given your soaps as gifts and will continue to do so. Great product!
- Marilyn

My 3 children have very sensitive skin and are able to use your soap with no problems at all. Also, breakouts are gone from my teen-age grandson's faces too. What a wonderful product!! Aloha nui loa!
- Malia 

I can't even begin to express how thankful I am to have found this product. I have super sensitive skin and I wanted to get away from using chemical based soaps on my face. I've never had a problem with my face breaking out, but about 3 months ago, my skin was just getting really bad. My skin was dry, I had redness on my cheeks and nose, there were new blemishes surfacing on my skin everyday. As a teenage girl, that kind of stuff can be really depressing. I HAD to find a solution. I remembered using a goat milk scrub on my dry hands when I was little that made them instantly soft over night. So why wouldn't it work on my face? Goat Milk Stuff was the first website that popped up and after reading the good reviews I had to try it. I chose the goat milk tea tree bar and after washing my face once, I could instantly tell a difference. After 3 days my skin was already clearing up and now 2 weeks later my skin is glowing, soft and only has a couple little bumps. The redness is gone and i've never felt better about my skin! I can almost go without wearing makeup lol I highly recommend the soap and I can't wait to try out their lotion sticks and their different products! Thank you so much! 
- Chloe

I have tried everything else on my skin so why not try the Goat Milk Soap. I ordered the Problem Skin Packet and as quickly as it took to blink my eyes (it seems so) my order was here. My husband has sensitive skin but I have Psoriasis and nothing helps me. I am happy to say that we work on one bar at a time until it is gone and then on to the next bar of soap. I can say I am none the worse, if fact my skin seems better; definitely not itching like it had been, and my husband likes the soap, says he feel so clean and does not having an itching problem after showering. I am ordering another Problem Skin Packet and by the time these bars are used up I should be able to tell which is helping my Psoriasis the best. I might add I ordered the Pet Shampoo Bar for our little dog which also has skin problems. I guess it runs in the family. I am so happy I found Goat Milk Stuff.
- Suann