You are probably familiar with commercial lotion that you can either squirt or pump form a container. At Goat Milk Stuff, we believe that even if they contain goat milk, these types of liquid lotions are not healthy for your skin. Instead we offer a Solid Goat Milk Lotion because we know it is better for both the short-term and long-term health of your skin.

There are 4 main benefits to using a Solid Goat Milk Lotion over any other type of lotion.

#1. Solid Goat Milk Lotions contain no chemicals or questionable preservatives.

Bacteria grow and thrive in liquid environments. If any liquid - such as water or goat milk - is used as an ingredient for a liquid type lotion, the lotion becomes a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria. And so sufficient chemical preservatives need to be added to ensure that bacteria doesn't grow. Because these chemical preservatives may not be good for your skin, some lotion makers use natural preservatives instead. But we don't believe there is not enough safety testing done on natural preservatives in real world lotion conditions, to make sure that bacteria isn't growing. This is very risky for the health and safety of your skin.

In a Solid Goat Milk Lotion, dehydrated goat milk is used. Because there is no liquid environment in which bacteria can easily grow, Solid Goat Milk Lotions have no need for chemical preservatives or preservatives of any type.

#2. Solid Goat Milk Lotions are a better value.

Many liquid lotions have a very high water content and can even contain over 50% water. In contrast, Solid Goat Milk Lotions contain no water. You are not wasting your money paying for a product that contains water. This is important because water doesn't do a great job moisturizing your skin. And because Solid Goat Milk Lotions are more concentrated, you are not wasting extra money on packaging or shipping because they are smaller and weigh less.

Solid Goat Milk Lotions provide greater moisturizing power per oz than any comparable liquid based lotions. And because it is concentrated, you will be surprised at how long the Solid Goat Milk Lotion lasts.

#3. Solid Goat Milk Lotion is better for the environment.

Because Solid Goat Milk Lotions do not contain any water and are concentrated, they require less packaging to give you the moisturizing benefits of lotion. Less packaging is always better for the environment. While our standard packaging is plastic (we are always keeping an eye out for more renewable containers), we do periodically offer Custom Solid Goat Milk Lotions in tins if you would like to reduce your use of plastic even further.

#4. Solid Goat Milk Lotion is safer for your skin.

Because a Solid Lotion provides no liquid environment that allows bacteria and fungus to grow, you don't have to worry about unseen nasties when using a Solid Goat Milk Lotion. I would never trust my family's skin to liquid lotions unless I knew bacterial tests were regularly being conducted on the liquid lotion. I would want proof that the liquid lotion remained safe over time when subjected to the regular use and temperature differentials that occurs with typical family use.

With Solid Goat Milk Lotion, you don't need to worry about whether or not enough chemical preservative was used. And you don't need to worry about what type of preservative was used. Solid Goat Milk Lotion itself is a stable and safe product that doesn't require any preservatives. This makes it safer for your skin.

#5. Solid Goat Milk Lotion is easy to carry and apply.

This lotion is easy to carry with you in your pocket or purse. It won't leak and you don't have to worry about it being flagged in your airport luggage. Solid Goat Milk Lotion is also easy to apply. In fact, we have several librarians who love our Solid Goat Milk Lotion Sticks because they can apply them to their hands without applying any to their fingertips to potentially rub onto books.

#6. Solid Goat Milk Lotion moisturizes your skin.

Solid Goat Milk Lotion has the consistency of a lip balm and melts when applied to your skin. Dehydrated goat milk is added to nourish your skin while keeping it safe and healthy. A Solid Goat Milk Lotion uses natural oils and butters to help lock in the moisture in your skin. 

We carefully formulated our Solid Goat Milk Lotions to be the ideal moisturizer. We designed each Solid Goat Milk Lotion to contain emollients, occlusives, and a humectant. Why do they so effectively moisturize your skin? A humectant pulls moisture to itself. An emollient traps water on the skin. And an occlusive prevents water loss.

Solid Goat Milk Lotions will pull moisture into your skin and keep it there. You can trust your skin to the goodness of a Solid Goat Milk Lotion if you want healthy skin that is softer and smoother.


Those are some of the main benefits to using a Solid Goat Milk Lotion. If you've never experienced the goodness of a Solid Goat Milk Lotion, now is the time! 

If you'd like a firmer lotion, try the Red Label. If you want something softer that glides on a little more easily, then the Orange Label is for you. But no matter which formula or scent you prefer, protect your skin with the natural goodness of a Solid Goat Milk Lotion.