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  • Soap Saver Colored

    Soap Savers - Colored

    We have noticed an increase in quality control problems of this product since the pandemic began. We recommend the U.S. made soap savers instead. E...

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  • Bug Out Spray Sizes

    Bug Out Spray

    Bug Out Spray uses aloe and a proprietary blend of essential oils to naturally repel bugs without chemicals such as DEET. The essential oils will s...

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  • goat milk soap problem skin pack

    Problem Skin Pack

    The question we are asked most often is, "Which soap should I use for my problem skin?" Whether the problem is eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, fl...

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  • Soap Dish

    Soap Dish

    Our soap is designed to last a very long time. You can help it last even longer by making sure that it dries out between uses and doesn't sit in a ...

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  • Washcloth Red

    Washcloths - Hand Knitted by the Jonas Children

    Welcome to the Jonas children's side business. They are hand knitting Washcloths just for you. All Washcloth sales and profits bypass Dad and Mom a...

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  • Soap Saver Clear

    Soap Saver - Clear

    These soap savers are Made in the USA and are large enough to hold an entire bar of soap. They are just one layer (not multiple like the original s...

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  • Salve Arnica

    Arnica for Sore Muscles Salve

    Arnica salve is wonderful for muscle aches, sprains, and bruises. Arnica is a daisy-like flower that is often used for muscle soreness and aches as...

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  • Hand Sanitizer Custom Scent

    Hand Sanitizer 4 oz Spray Bottle

    Our Hand Sanitizer is liquid-based instead of gel-based and is designed to be sprayed on your hands. It is safe, effective, and portable. Each Hand...

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  • Wood Scoop

    Wood Scoop

    This wood scoop holds 1 Tbsp and is perfect for measuring Laundry Soap.    

  • Salve Comfrey

    Comfrey for Wounds Salve

    Comfrey salve is wonderful for minor surface wounds such as cuts, scrapes, bites, stings, or abrasions. This salve uses both comfrey root and comfr...

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  • Jewelweed salve for poison ivy relief

    Jewelweed for Poison Ivy Salve

    Jewelweed salve is wonderful for poison ivy rashes, mosquito bites, and bee or wasp stings. We wild-harvest the jewelweed on our farm (we keep it f...

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  • Goat Milk Soap Sensitive Skin Pack

    Sensitive Skin Pack

    The sensitive skin pack contains one unscented purity goat milk soap, one unscented lotion stick (red label), one laundry soap trial size, and one ...

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  • beard balm

    Beard Balm For Men

    It's time to moisturize and condition your facial hair! This natural Beard Balm will not only help hydrate and condition your beard, it will also c...

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  • Goat Milk Stuff Gift Card

    Gift Card for

    Select a Goat Milk Stuff gift card in the amount of your choice. (If you would like an amount not listed, please Contact us.) Gift cards are delive...

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  • Stainless Shaving Bowl With Handle

    Shaving Bowl With Handle

    This stainless steel shaving bowl perfectly holds our 3" shaving soaps. It is a high quality and durable bowl that will be easy to clean and look n...

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  • goat milk soap sample pack

    Sample Pack

    Can't decide which scent to choose from? We've got you covered. With the Goat Milk Soap Sample Pack, you can get all 24 of our regular soap varieti...

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  • black shaving brush

    Shaving Brush

    These shave brushes are an introductory brush and are made with boar hair and a plastic handle. When we first started testing shaving soap, Jim did...

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