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OMH Shaving Goat Milk Soap


This is an amazing shaving soap with a full, thick lather. The Oatmeal Milk & Honey (OMH) scent smells strongly of honey and is great for both men and women. If you've never shaved with a shaving soap before, here is some information Jim wrote on how to shave with goat milk shaving soap (There is even a video of Emery giving Jim a shave!)

We also offer shaving bowls and shaving brushes for use with our shaving soap.

Shaving Goat Milk Soap Size

The round shaving soap weighs 3 - 3.5 oz. and has a 3" diameter.

Shaving Goat Milk Soap Packaging

The soap comes in a cotton drawstring bag with the scent hand-stamped on the front so you can easily identify each bar.

Shaving Goat Milk Soap Ingredients

Raw goat milk; Saponified sweet almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, palm oil, shea butter; Aloe; Clay; Vitamin E; OMH fragrance oil.

A Note About Safety: This shaving soap should feel fantastic all over your body, except directly in your eyes. To discover any possible allergic reaction, test the soap on a small area of skin first. If a reaction occurs, stop using it and try one of our different recipes that work well with your skin.