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I stopped by the farm on July 15th 2017 when I was passing through. I bought the pink sugary soap bar. I was skeptical but thought I would try goat milk soap. It is now July 29th 2017 and my skin feels amazing. I used to have tiny red bumps all over my legs and torso and those are gone. My feet were always dry and cracked but now they are starting to get smoother and the cracks are healing. I swear by this soap and can never go back to over the counter department store brands. Thank you for making such a great and affordable product!

Jessica Elliott

Added Jul 30, 2017

In May I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 2 surgeries, healing completed & starting 16 radiation treatments on Aug 7. I was talking with the doctor & he was reviewing options for creams during treatment. I mentioned what I had been using. Then, when he examined my incisions (under arm lymph & 2x in same breast incision) he said, "You've healed exceptionally well! " I looked @ my daughter & grinned. The ONLY thing I've used on my incisions is your tea tree lotion starting after the normal 3 wk healing period. On my lymph incision, I had a raised ridge that ran the whole 3" & felt weird - - no other way to describe. After applying the tea tree lotion, that ridge was flat in a week. The other incision has also benefitted. Even though my skin isn't reacting anymore, I keep applying your lotion after every shower & will be using it through radiation. I'm going to show him the jar at my next visit.

I was excited & wanted you to know, in case other women might benefit. But then, knowing your expertise, you probably aren't surprised at all.


Added Jul 28, 2017

I saw your family on a morning show several years ago and loved the idea of a whole-family operation. I bought several bars of soap, and now it is the only soap I buy for my family. We use the liquid soap, the cured bars, and I also buy the uncured logs (and let the cut bars sit for the required amount). I am branching out, and buying the bath fizzies, and I anticipate they will be just as lovely as all of your other products. Your soaps make great house-gifts for guests who come to stay with us, too! We love your stuff! :)


Added Jul 25, 2017

I first heard about your family business on a news segment in which you and your family appeared on. Even as a kid the only thing that i washed my face with was a hot warm washcloth because soap seems to be to harsh. I tried your product and love it. The creaminess of the lather and the softness that it leaves my face after washing. I cut my bars in half; for I only use them for facial only. Lather in my hands takes VERY little.


Added Jul 22, 2017

These bagels are absolutely delicious and I have never been much of a bagel eater, but we just finished our bagels and I have to hurry and order more!

Sharon Sulikowski

Added Jul 19, 2017

I gave my mom (84 years old and never a complainer) my Arnica Salve. After using it on my foot at night and waking up the next morning without it throbbing as usual, I thought it might work on her knee and foot. Within five minutes of putting it on, all of the sudden she realized it took away her pain! Since placing my first order a little over two weeks ago, I can't say enough good things about all the products you folks have. I really need to stop giving away the soap. But everyone I have given them to is so impressed. I will NEVER go back to using commercial soap again. And, I know where I'm doing all my Christmas shopping this year!


Added Jul 13, 2017

Last year, I bought a number of bars of your soap and gave them as gifts to some of my children who suffer with skin problems. I am very happy to report that one son, whose hands were cracking and oozing ,tried your soap with a bit of skepticism but now reports his hands are healed and doing well. Doctors could not find a way to heal his hands. His own discovery was that something in liquid soap was behind his problem. His wife now orders your soap and also reported she also loves your lip balm. She is talking of making a trip to visit your farm.


Added Jul 6, 2017

The products are great and so is the customer service. I made a mistake in one of my orders and PJ worked with me to make sure my soaps arrived to the right address. I love that they take care of their customers and have been a fan for many years. It's also always great to support people that you know put out a genuinely good product. Thank you PJ for all your help. Your family has a customer for life!


Added Jun 20, 2017

I recently visited when I saw your sign on the highway. The family was friendly, the place inviting and your ice cream delicious. The new baby goats were adorable. Wish I lived closer!


Added May 30, 2017

I absolutely LOVE using your soaps. Fiji Island and Pink Sugary are my favorites. Also, your laundry soap is the BEST I've ever used. It provided much needed relief to some pain and discomfort I was having from sensitivity to chemicals in All Free and Clear detergent. All of our clothes washed with your laundry soap are soft, clean, and comfortable. Thank you, Jonas Family, for making such WONDERFUL products that help so many people.


Added May 25, 2017