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100% satisfied with your soaps.
I ordered tea tree GMS. You guys are among the few that ship worldwide.

My whole family has sensitive skin. So your soaps are true lifesavers ! :)

Thanks and blessings to your family :))

Codarren Velvindron

Added Jul 16, 2015

LOve shampo Bar ,praise god ,thinnnig hair feels full again!


Added Jul 14, 2015

I just wanted to thank you for shipping out my order so quickly. As you can tell from my order - Jewelweed poison ivy soap - it was kind of urgent. The soap is arresting the spread of my husband's poison ivy and helping it to heal. I also loved the caramels you included to try out. They are perfect. Couldn't decide which one I liked the best. I think they would make an excellent addition to your product line. Especially for the holidays. Thank you again and best wishes for a wonderful summer!


Added Jun 30, 2015

I just received my beauty gift pack set of honeysuckle soap, honeysuckle lotion stick and black cherry lip balm. They all smell so wonderful. Love it all so much that I put in another order to send to my sister for her birthday . Thanks Goats Milk Stuff for your great products. God Bless


Added Jun 26, 2015

The caramel freebies are stupendous! You've hit it out of the park this time. Other goat milk caramel products I've tried have that "goaty" taste, but yours don't at all. They're sooooo good! I can tell they're going to become a food group in my family..... :-)


Added Jun 25, 2015

I picked up a Tea Tree Oil stick for my sister who has severe psoriasis as well as eczema. I wanted to give you an update on it to let you know how it's working. After several dermatologists, medications and long years of flakey, beat red skin the Tea Tree Oil stick is FINALLY helping her get her skin under control and to a normal color. She mainly uses it on her face and the flaking has been reduced severely and the redness is calmed down extremely; she's over the moon about it.

She even mentioned that as she has psoriasis over her entire body, it's been incredibly convenient to have it in a stick form for her joints such as knees, elbows and underarms which it has helped close the cuts that have formed since her skin is so dry. The only downside is she can't use it on smaller places like her ears. But I was to stress how much of a change has occurred since she's used it. She has likely tried near 20 medicated creams and none of them have worked to this caliber. Because her skin is so bad, she's been cautious about going outside because of the stares she gets. With her skin on her face being less red, she's finally feeling better about going outside and is getting less self consciousness.

I just wanted to say thank you and make sure you hear such a wonderful story about your product.

Anne Sorensen

Added Jun 24, 2015

I purchased the Lilac soap awhile back and just loved it. Lilac is one of my favorite springtime scents and this one was spot on. Thanks Goats Milk Stuff


Added Jun 23, 2015

Love getting little notes from the kids on my orders. Nautical liquid soap smells wonderful and can't wait to use it in our guest bathroom. The Goat Milk caramels that came with my order are delicious. Sea salt was super good. Are these going to be available for sale at some point?
Thanks for the quick order.

Fran Gildon

Added Jun 22, 2015

The surprise caramels you sent out are absolutely delicious!! They should definitely be a new product.


Added Jun 22, 2015

I have found that do to using you Purity soap my skin issues are all gone. The part that has surprised me is that my other allergies have lessoned to a great degree.


Added Jun 22, 2015