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Tea Tree
Tea Tree

Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap Full Bar
Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, this full bar weighs 4.5 - 5.5 oz.
This soap has a lot of tea tree essential oil added.  The thing about tea tree is - either you love the way it smells, or you hate it. It is a strong clean and medicinal smell. We love to use tea tree for all its wonderful properties. Tea tree is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. People have used it with acne, oily skin, poison ivy, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. It is also available as a half bar, or travel bar.

Ingredients Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, sunflower oil; Essential oil.
Allergy Warning: People with skin allergies should test the soap on a small spot of skin first and stop using if irritation occurs.
Our price: $6.50
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sylvia
    I gave my adult daughter a bar of the tea tree oil soap, and her complexion has completely cleared up. She had tried everything, including $100 creams, but she continued to have inflammation and acne. She is very pleased that all she has to do now is simply wash her face twice a day with your good soap! Thank you. Sylvia
  • Author: dawn louis-jean
    ok, this one is a must have. we do love the smell. and we love the medicinal properties. we took it with us to haiti for the mosquito bites and/or any cuts. and since i can't leave a review for the lotion sticks yet, i'm going to plug the tea tree lotion stick here as well. that thing was GREAT in the field! i carried it with me everywhere. whenever i got a bite, i'd put it on right away. the itch was gone for a LONG time! great product.
  • Author: Crista
    I have been using the tea tree oil soap on my face for about two weeks now and it has really made a difference in my oily skin. I don't have acne, but I do have oily skin. My face feels squeaky clean after using the soap, but not dried out. I only ordered the sample in this, but will be coming back for the full-sized bar!
  • Author: Sherri L.
    Once again another wonderful soap. I'm telling you GMS is the absolute best soap that doesnt leave your skin dry. This soap leaves your skin to soft and clean. I tell everyone about GMS. I have even handed out samples to co-workers. You're the best GMS
  • Author: Kristine Campbell
    This soap has been great for my face. It works to clear up my blemishes and helps control the oil. So far I have been using it without a toner and moisterizer and my face is clear, soft and not dried out.
  • Author: Taylor Glover
    This soap is a life saver!! I am getting married this December (2013), and I had found a beautiful strapless gown for my big day. I do not want the worry of everyone staring at my acne on my shoulders and chest to take away from my dress. I had previously purchased other soaps and fell in love with how silky they left my skin. So I decided to order the tea tree soap in hopes that it would take care of the problem. I have been using the soap for about 2.5 weeks and the results have almost brought tears to my eyes. It is a great feeling to know that on my big day everyone will see me and not my acne. GMS I cannot thank you enough, and you have a forever customer right here!
  • Author: Anna
    I wanted to let you know that I have only been using the tea tree soap for less than a week and I am already seeing a difference in my skin and the blemishes I had. Not only do I seem to have less acne, but the dark spots from them having diminished big time. I hope it continues to work and I look forward to ordering more products!
  • Author: Tina
    My daughter and I use the tea tree daily. I wear foundation and it has amazed me how the soap keeps my face from getting oily throughout the day... before I was constantly blotting. LOVE IT!!
  • Author: Cindy
    I had been buying a three step cleanser kit to fight acne for my 17 year old daughter for the last several years. She nearly panicked when the store stopped carrying the cleanser kit. I ordered a half bar of this soap for her and she loves the way it makes her face feel. It has also helped to clear her complexion in less than a week. Happy teenager = happy mom! We love your soap!
  • Author: Tiffany
    We are amazed at how this soap has cleared up our major teenage acne issues. The one bar has lasted 5 months!
  • Author: Ashley
    I recommend this soap for very oily skin, or for people who wear makeup. It's a very drying soap, so I think those with sensitive skin should not use it daily. However, this soap is amazing for getting rid of sties and cold sores =] one or two washes will clear those infections IMMEDIATELY.
  • Author: Kristen
    I love this soap! I could not believe that at 34 my acne was worse than when I was a teen. I bought only the half bar of soap wanting to try it, and I use it every morning and evening. My face is so clear now, and I only have a few random blemishes every so often. Half a bar lasted me 4 months! This will definitely be my face cleanser for the foreseeable future. Thank you PJ!
  • Author: Danielle
    I have adult acne and this is way cheaper than using the big celebrity endorsed products on TV, plus this has a few other benefits as well. I don't know if anybody else has noticed that using goat milk soap period helps make your pores smaller. This tea tree oil soap also helps control oil. By the end of the day my face would be super shiny and it's helped considerably. I live in TX where you can't help but have an oil problem and the humidity doesn't help either.
    It helps with itchy skin too. It dries zits out overnight which is a big help.
    My little brother is a teenager and has mild acne and I gave him a piece of mine to use and its working. He says it smells like an old person but hey you can't argue with results. lol I love this stuff!
  • Author: Lauren E.
    Like other reviewers, I have (had) adult acne worse then when I was a teen. I have tried everything from expensive department store products, to step by step monthly programs, to drugstore products...you name, I probably tried it. It's awful walking around with that much acne in your thirties. I have been using the tea trea soap day and night for the past two weeks, and I CAN NOT BELIEVE MY SKIN! All I have left are the scars, no active acne on this face!!!! I should've taken a before and after photo. One review mentioned goat milk soap makes your pores smaller....lo and behold, it has done this for me. I am so in love with this bar of soap it's ridiculous. Thank you for making such a WONDERFUL product!!
  • Author: Mimi
    Just got my first order today, can't wait to try this soap as a face cleanser. Shipping was fast! I placed my order on Sunday and got it today, which is Wednesday. Great service, definately happy with the process.
  • Author: Shawnele Surplus
    We purchased a travel size bar of the Tea Tree oil and it has been amazing for our son's acne. OUTSTANDING stuff!
  • Author: Y Wang
    I found this soap really mild and creamy. I found this to be better than the catille soap. I've been using it for a week and my pore are smaller and my blackheads are less noticeable.
  • Author: Carrie Zamorano
    This soap is AMAZING! I use it on both my face and my body. I was having itchy skin that made me so miserable I could hardly sleep. After just a few uses, the Tea Tree oil soap cleared it right up! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  • Author: Amanda Rossman
    I love the tea tree oil soap! It is strong but not too strong. It gets nice and bubbly and works very well on the acne on my back as well as the acne on my face.
  • Author: Ginger Ballard
    Love the tea tree to clean my face!
  • Author: Crissy Borton
    I have combination skin. I have tried everything nothing worked, it was all to oily or made my skin to dry. Not this soap. My skin is clear and soft. Why oh why did I not find this soap years ago!
  • Author: Tabitha W
    I bought this with the intent of using it on my face. I've always had acne, it seems like, and have been using various prescription creams and medications for the last three or four years. I'd finally gotten to the point of mostly "maintaining" the acne, but if I'd forget to use my prescription cream, within a few days I'd have a fresh crop of blemishes. I've been using the tea tree soap on my face for about a month, and it has been super helpful in controlling and speeding up healing from acne blemishes. Also -- no more blackheads! NONE. My face used to be covered in them.
    Added benefit: I love shaving with this soap, because it really seems to cut down on razor burn, even if I forget to change my blade when I ought to.
    Another benefit: I ran into a TON of stinging nettles on a run yesterday, and used this soap as a first defense as soon as I got home. It didn't entirely get rid of the sting, but it certainly cooled it down some.
    I've been very thankful for this soap. Thanks, Jonas Family, for making fantastic soaps!
  • Author: Christine
    I LOVE your tea tree soap! I started using it about a month ago and decided that I can't live without it, so I ordered a whole log of it! I appreciate the quick shipment and the samples! I have to pick up some extra bars from my chiropractor's office in a few days because I can't keep my mouth shut to people at work about your soaps! Can't wait to try the dog soap sample, I am sure I will be placing another order very soon. Thank you so very much!
  • Author: Elizabeth Thomas
    This is my favorite soap for me so far. I used to be on medication for my acne and now I no longer take it because The tea tree as a face cleaner keeps my face acne free and silky smooth. And it works wonders on my itchy dry skin! Thanks GMS!
  • Author: lasha citizen
    I heard great things about this product, willing to give it a try.
  • Author: Heather I.
    I tried the tea tree sample last night and ordered two bars today. Having naturally dry skin, I am so impressed with how soft my skin felt after using the tea tree soap. Normally, my skin feels so tight after using soap, even the supposedly "gentle" stuff on the market. The generous amount of lather was surprising also. You make excellent products and I see many scents being added to my holiday shopping list this year.
  • Author: Marie Nichols-Britt
    I remember when this first came out and I bought a batch..it still remains my favorite and for my very sensitive skin, this is Baah-some!
  • Author: Taylor Lockard
    This is my first purchase and I made an excellent choice. The Tea Tree essential oil soap smells great, leaves me clean, and has definitely cleared up some acne and ingrown hairs. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind tea tree oil and wants to switch to all natural products. Also, it doesn't leave that overly, squeaky clean feeling that some soaps do, so I feel comfortable using it on my face.
  • Author: ariba shah
    This soap is really drying for me =( And what's even more drying is either the castile or purity soap. I'm not sure which one because I got them as samples and not sure which on it is. I'm so upset =( I was so excited when I ordered the goat milk soaps. I'm not sure why these soaps are drying my skin out. It's been a week since I been using them and it really is flaking my skin. This usually never happens with any other products I have used. I'm going to continue to try the tea tree at night and the sample. Hopefull it gets better! =(
  • Author: Danielle Bell
    I bought the tea tree oil soap on your recommendation for my acne and eczema. My eczema has recently been changed in diagnosis to psoriasis. So as it stands, I'm not 100% certain what it is. But, whatever it is, the tea tree soap is helping immensely!! I love it for my acne, after dealing with acne most of my life, it's finally under control, better than it was with prescription pills from my dermatologist! And my hands haven't looked this clear in years! Thank you!!
  • Author: Delainey
    I love this soap. I have normal to dry skin and had some acne. I have always had small bumps on my forehead, but not anymore! I had some breakouts when I first started using this and in a couple of days it was gone. Very pleased! I love the smell too. :)
  • Author: Jonie M.
    I chose a sample of GMS Tea Tree soap in my most recent order, and am so glad I did! I can already tell this is going to be my new favorite face cleanser! :) My pores seem tightened and appear smaller after only a couple uses. I will be back for more!
  • Author: Melissa G
    I love this soap! My husband has regular breakouts and with the use of this soap, it goes completely away. I made the mistake of thinking we could get by without it... not a good idea! Thank you so much for offering an amazing product, nothing compares!
  • Author: Cat
    After years and years (almost 20) of fighting adult acne and breakouts that prescriptions never healed, two weeks of tea tree soap has done what no dermatologist has been able to. Thank you!!
  • Author: Stephanie T.
    Love the Tea Tree Soap for my face. I typically don't like tea tree scent b/c it is soooo strong, but this soap is not over powering. It has a light tea tree scent that I actually like. I bought it b/c even at the age of 39yrs, I still get breakouts every month. This has really helped and it also helps keep my face from getting oily in these humid Florida months without drying my skin. Just ordered another bar for me and a friend.
  • Author: JC
    I've been using the Tea Tree soap on my face for my adult acne & on my arms for my Keratosis Pilaris for about 3 weeks now - the acne I had prior to using the soap are now gone, all I have left are the acne scars which are fading. I do get a pimple every now & then, but no where near as many & as often as I got before using the soap. It's helping to clear the Keratosis Pilaris on my arms. My arms are far from being completely cleared, but I do notice patches of skin on my arms that are now free of Keratosis Pliaris. This soap is definitely worth giving a try - if you have acne & other skin issues.
  • Author: Cathleen
    I have rosacea and use the tea tree soap but I don't use a moisterizer as I don't need it with GMS soaps
  • Author: Kelly
    Anne, I have skin like yours and it works great! I really don't need moisturizer anymore. Melissa, even my waterproof makeup comes off. Tea tree soap is a beautiful thing. :)
  • Author: Michelle
    Awhile ago someone asked if your soap takes off make-up. I am a teacher and do not wear make-up in the summer. I recently started back to work and I have to say that the tea tree takes off all my make-up, even mascara. With my past facial cleanser, I always had to use an additional make-up remover to get the mascara off. Not anymore! Thanks once again for a great product!
  • Author: Laura C
    I have always had problems with oily, acne skin (I'm 43), and thought I was doomed to use expensive "as seen on TV" acne products forever. This tea tree oil soap is a great natural alternative and works just as well as the expensive stuff. Thank-you!
  • Author: Brenda Cowan
    I keep this soap in the shower for my husband. He has psoriasis and it keeps his skin clear without using anything else. Thank you so much, we love natural things.
  • Author: Karel
    I have mild to moderate rosacea. I had always used cetaphyl and other similar products to clean my face and wasn't really pleased with the result ( stiff feeling and red and irritated) or the cost (very pricey stuff). I decided to try the tea tree soap and am so very glad I did. My face is never red or irritated, my skin feels clean and is never 'stiff', and the bar lasts a very long time. I keep a bar on the sink and one in the shower so I always have it handy. Thanks so much for this and other great products.
  • Author: T. Lee
    I have been using this bar for 2 years now. I use it twice a day to wash my face. Before I started using this bar, no matter what cleanser I used, I would have regular breakouts. I still get the occasional pimple right before my period, but other than that, I no longer have problematic acne. The next time I purchase, I will be getting the log. I highly recommend this product.
  • Author: Victoria
    So I ordered some soap a week ago. I have pretty sensitive skin and I had been washing my face with raw honey with great results but I felt like there had to be something out there that was better. After a recent breakout I searched online and found this soap.I ordered the problem skin pack because i wanted to try a few different soaps and my skin is sensitive, sometimes oily, sometimes dry, sometimes I get a minor breakout. After 22 years I still haven't figured my skin out. The first soap I chose to use was the tea tree soap. I used it on my face, body, and hair (my head gets itchy and dry). Let me just say I've been using it 5 days now twice a day, its dried my skin a little, but overall results are fantastic. I never write reviews on anything but I felt like this was worth my time. Somehow my skin does not even get oily anymore it stays balanced all day. I haven't had 1 pimple since I started washing with this. People reading this: I know you're reading all these reviews trying to figure out if you should buy the soap and trying to figure out of people are really getting results; I promise they are. My skin has ALWAYS been stubborn and since I was a teenager, I've tried every skin care product it seems. I'm now 22 and have used all natural and organic products the past 3 years but these soaps take the cake. I'll never need another soap. It feels great to find something that works and that can take the place of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and lotion.
  • Author: Vicky
    I have adult onset acne and your tree oil soap is the only soap I've found that seems to control it. I will be ordering again!!!
  • Author: Courtney
    I've been using your Tea Tree soap and it's completely cleared up my facial blemishes and also has taken away the redness!! It's AMAZING!!
  • Author: Carol
    I "reluctantly" purchased your tea tree oil acne soap. I am a believer now. It is so wonderful. If I have a breakout the soap starts clearing it up by the next day. It leaves my skin so soft. My pores are also not as large as they used to be. I live in southern Arizona and needed the oil control, but didn't want to dry out. My daughter has been using pieces of my soap and she is sold on it now. I will be purchasing some for her for Christmas. Thanks for a wonderful product. p.s. I am now getting compliments on my skin!
  • Author: Brenda
    We LOVE your soap! After just a few days of using the soaps we noticed a big improvement in our skin. No more dry, itchy, "winter" skin! My 7 year old no longer has eczema bumps on the back of his arms and until now, not even prescription creams were able to clear it up. My teenager is having some improvement in his acne since using the tea tree soap too! THANKS for such great products!!
  • Author: Kat S
    I bought this with Lavender Vanilla (which I haven't used but I might have to pull it out for use at the sink!). My first time using GMS soap, but I had purchased your OMH lotion tub, and I must say I am in love. I was able to shave and wash my body with this very soap. Not to mention I have some severe dry patches (from what I'm unsure) but it was so smooth when I was done in the shower. My face feels great, not oily, nor is it tight from acne washes.
    If you get razor bumps or irritation from shaving, don't spend money buying top notch razors, most likely it's your shaving cream. I ALWAYS get irritation no matter what razor or cream I've used. I figured, in the future I'll get the GMS shaving soap, but for now even the bar soaps do the trick :)
  • Author: Matthew Choi
    The Tea Tree soap is definitely my favourite. I have rosacea and blemishes and it's honestly very effective against it. Just placed another order along with the Tea Tree shampoo bar. I am optimistic I will satisfied just as much. Thank You PJ & Crew. God bless you all.
  • Author: Nicole B
    I absolutely love this soap for my acne prone skin. I even use it as a regular washing bar of soap. My skin is very oily and i can wash every day with this and not get dried out like other acne stuff i have tried.
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I had eczema that even top dermatologists couldn't cure. It is now much better after using this soap for 6 months. Good luck!! :) Read more testimonials Leave a testimonial