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We've had many psoriasis sufferers use our goat milk soap and report relief from their psoriasis symptoms. Everyone's skin is different, and reacts differently, so we can't promise that the soap will help your symptoms. But unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients, it should not aggravate psoriasis symptoms.

Most people use the tea tree soap for their psoriasis, but since each person's skin is unique, you should try the soaps to see which goat milk soap YOUR skin likes best.

There are four of our soaps that produce the best results with problem skin. We recommend you test each of them to see which one best relieves your psoriasis symptoms:

Purity goat milk soap - an unscented soap that is very gentle for problem skin.

Tea Tree goat milk soap - our purity soap with tea tree oil add. Tea Tree essential oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.

Organic Castile goat milk soap - made with organic extra virgin olive oil and raw goat milk, this soap will not lather as well as the purity (it is more lotion-like), but is the gentlest goat milk soap we make and the one we recommend for hyper-sensitive skin and for newborns.

Calendula goat milk soap - similar to our castile soap, but with calendula flowers infused and castor oil added to increase the lather.

We also have a new soap - Activated Bamboo Charcoal - that we are receiving good feedback from. it is the same formula as the purity soap with added charcoal.

In addition to full sized bars, each of these goat milk soaps is available in half bars, so you can test them on your skin. We've put together the four bars that most help psoriasis in a Problem Skin Pack. We also have a Sensitive Skin Pack that is very helpful.

Most people with psoriasis find that they need to stick with one of these soaps (although some are able to switch to a scented soap once their psoriasis is under control). You need to test them on your skin to see what works best for you. If the goat milk soaps don't offer enough relief, you may want to try our laundry soap to get all the chemical detergents out of your sheets, clothes, and towels that are being used on your skin.

Everyone's skin is different, so we can't promise that our goat milk soap will offer you relief from your symptoms. But we can share with you hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from people who found relief with our goat milk soaps.

We regularly pray that our soap will help whoever needs it and we hope it will help you as well.

Here are a few testimonials from customers who suffered with psoriasis:

"I picked up a Tea Tree Oil stick for my sister who has severe psoriasis as well as eczema. I wanted to give you an update on it to let you know how it's working. After several dermatologists, medications and long years of flakey, beat red skin the Tea Tree Oil stick is FINALLY helping her get her skin under control and to a normal color. She mainly uses it on her face and the flaking has been reduced severely and the redness is calmed down extremely; she's over the moon about it. She even mentioned that as she has psoriasis over her entire body, it's been incredibly convenient to have it in a stick form for her joints such as knees, elbows and underarms which it has helped close the cuts that have formed since her skin is so dry. The only downside is she can't use it on smaller places like her ears. But I wanted to stress how much of a change has occurred since she's used it. She has likely tried near 20 medicated creams and none of them have worked to this caliber. Because her skin is so bad, she's been cautious about going outside because of the stares she gets. With her skin on her face being less red, she's finally feeling better about going outside and is getting less self consciousness. I just wanted to say thank you and make sure you hear such a wonderful story about your product."
-Anne 6/24/15

"I just wanted to write to say "Thank You!!" for making this soap! I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 month old, both with sensitive skin. The 4 1/2 month old even more so. When she was born we used the typical Johnson's soap. She immediately broke out in the worst baby acne. We changed to Aveeno baby and that helped matters, but then winter came. Since then, my poor girl has had these terrible dry patches that she itches the moment I get her clothes off. Nothing I have tried has helped. I decided to give your purity soap a try. I used it last night and tonight for her bath, and almost all of the dry patches are already gone!! I'm so so so happy. My son was excited to try out the new soap so he didn't get "crocodile skin" as he calls it. And I can't wait to try it out myself now too. I have psoriasis issues, so I'm eager to see if this will help ease my flare ups too. Thank you so much. We will be continuing to buy soap from you forever and ever. =)"
- Courtney 2/6/14

"I was super excited when I found this site. Several members of my family has psoriasis and i'd been on the hunt for something to help. Years ago I found a product and then never saw it again :( I ordered scrubs, soap bars and lotions -I'm really hoping it helps them. Received the order in two days which was amazing... one set is for a Christmas gift and I was worried they would have to wait. I got a few things for myself (this site can get you in trouble :) ) The purity scrub bar makes my skin feel amazing all day. At first it made my skin feel dry while still in the shower but afterwards it was soft and lasted. The LUV SPELL smells great and i'm happy to use something for my daughter that's not full of chemicals. Always love something that is all natural and better for my little one! and I love that this is a family business. Cant wait for my family to use their bars!!!!"
- Josie 12/22/13

"Thank you so much! The Tea Tree soap has produced amazing results for my son's psoriasis."
- Sandy 11/25/13

"I LOVE your soap! I have psoriasis. My skin is so sensitive, I must be careful. I have had no problems with your products and give credit to the soap being a part of my management plan. Using Goat Milk Stuff soap, probiotics, and vitamin D have made an enormous difference in my skin. I'm now 99% clear! Thank you Jonas Family, God bless!"
- Terisa 10/31/13

"Awesome Soap for dry irritated skin! Just when I thought I would never feel soft smooth skin again, my daughter purchased the ultimate gift for me, GOAT MILK STUFF SOAP! I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my psoriasis condition! Life is too short to live without your products! Please express to the children how much their hard work, dedication, and personal touches on every order is appreciated!"
- Diane 9/4/13

"My psoriasis is clearing up. It's only been a few days of use too! I've been resistant to medicine so this soap is the answer to my skin issues."
- Tammy 6/16/13

"I ordered last Thursday and got my soap on Monday. I have psoriasis and I can already see and feel a difference in my skin! You have a customer for life."
- Tammy 6/12/13

"Hello!!!! I just had to share my life changing experience after using your products. I have suffered from psoriasis for years. I actually had my legs covered mostly from the knees down so badly that they were cracking and bleeding. The pain was horrible. My elbows are bad again and I hope that the tea tree loofa will do it's magic. I'm also going to have my daughter try it for her acne. I also have sample of the laundry soap I'll be trying as well and just ordered a laundry stick. My mom noticed you before you became just a huge hit...and I spread the word all over. It's life changing and for people that 5/say...really?...life changing....YES IT IS!!!!! Also my grandma always made the washcloths that you do but can't anymore due to her hands hurting so I order one with every order!!! God Bless you all for your heart work and what you do!!!! Big hugs!!!"
- Heather 5/13/13

"Absolutely love this! I just ordered a half bar at first of the tea tree soap, but it has definitely helped my psoriasis in just a few days. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to get relief, but this has helped much more than anything else. Thank you so much for making this product! I am traveling to Europe this summer and 5/be able to wear shorts for the first time in years. "
- Ginger 5/13/13

"Thank you again so much for your product. I have been to several doctors that wanted to give me a shot to help with the psoriasis - that one big side effect was cancer. I had almost given up when I saw your family on product on The Doctors and gave it a chance. WOW!!! what a difference this has made in my life. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. "
- Brenda 4/26/13

"For over a year I have suffered from a 6 inch open sore. Diagnosed as psoriasis, it was located along my C-section scar, a very hard place to heal. I started using goat milk soap in December of 212 and am very happy, ecstatic even, to report that by the end of January 213 my skin was clear! I had even tried perscription meds from the dermatologist and nothing had worked. I tell everyone about your soap. It is a great value, smells wonderful and the healing I have experienced is amazing. God bless you and your goats!"
- Kelly 4/1/13

"I have psoriasis and I use the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap and have been a fan for several years. Love it!"
- Katy 3/16/13

"Hi. I have been using your calendula soap for about a month, and I am very impressed! It has a nice lather and seems to be helping my psoriasis. I'm very glad I found your website! I also appreciate all the information on your site about how you care for your goats. It is important to me when buying products with animal ingredients to know that the animals are well cared for. Thank you!"
- Nikkie 3/8/13

"I made several inquiring emails to a company that makes goat milk soap. Each response was from "PJ," the mother responsible for this company's existence, and I must say she is wonderful and very quick in responding. I decided to follow the recommendation of somebody who posted on this forum by ordering soap from this company. I ordered the 'Problem Skin Pack" (four different soaps) to see which would work best on my skin. I just received the order and since I have so far only used the samples to wash my hands cannot comment on how effective this soap is in simplifying our care of psoriasis, but must say that each soap smells wonderful and leaves my hands feeling great. The making of this soap involves the entire family, children included, and watching the many videos on their site of the family involvement will warm your heart. Being an old geezer who has ordered thousands of dollars worth of stuff online over the years, this company is the friendliest one from which I've ever ordered anything. "
- Jerry 3/8/13

"Hello Jonas Family!!!!!! here I am 36 yrs old and have had eczema and psoriasis all of my life. All of the doctor visits, creams, pills, and horrifying shots that lower your immune system and well..... My mom found you. your tea tree soap has just about cleared all of my psoriasis up and I wish I would have taken pics for you to show others. It's just so amazing. Doctors don't get it and it is life changing. Now my whole family is using it and I've turned so many others onto your products as well. Keep up the great work that you are doing and you will continue to change lives."
- Heather 2/20/13

"The soap and lotion have been exactly what I have been looking for, for relief of psoriasis and dry skin. My skin has never felt so hydrated. Thank you for quality products, I am currently spreading the word on Goat Milk Stuff!!!!!!!!!! I can't even choose a favorite I love it all!"
- Kristi 12/26/12

"I suffer from psoriasis, and have used a ton of different soaps and lotions. I have been using the Tea Tree soap and my skin has truly cleared up since the first day I used. Thank you so much."
- Angie 9/14/12

"I had ordered the purity soap for my daughter and grandson, who have rough dry skin patches...my daughter's psoriasis were gone, until the soap was gone, and my grandson's skin was smooth as silk....so needless to say I just ordered several more bars of that amazing purity soap for them. Your products are superb!!!! Love your site..."
- Pam 4/8/12

"I wanted to let you know how amazed I am by your product. I have has psoriasis for over 10 years and have been experiencing a flare because I have been sick. I had a patch that was literally bleeding. I used your tea tree bar soap ONCE and it is completely gone. No trace of it what so ever. I can't believe it. I have told everyone I know. Thank you so much."
- Tandy 2/25/12

"My husband gives your Tea Tree Lotion Stick two thumbs up. It has helped his psoriasis around his nose tremendously. Thanks =)"
- Cheryl 2/23/12

"I am absolutely in love with these products! I have a four month old with sever eczema and a four year old with psoriasis and after using the oatmeal honey soap it has made a huge difference in both of their skin! I've passed the site on to a lot of my friends that are having babies this is by far better than any baby products I have used! Keep up the good work!!"
- Heather 1/12/12

"Soap with peppermint oil helps soothe and cool my psoriasis patches. :)"
- Megan 1/7/12

"it is the only soap I have found in 25 years of suffering from psoriasis that I can use."
- Melissa 1/7/12

"I received the soap I ordered today and used it right away..wow what a difference in one use..my eczema and psoriasis are looking and feeling better this evening..And the hard water didn't seem to make a difference, the soap worked great..I 5/have nice skin again for Christmas..thank you so much.."
- Arlinda 12/14/11

"We started with the purity soap on my child w/eczema and myself (psoriasis) we can personally use any of them. We also like to use the lotion sticks - it works great for those "spots.""
- Jessica 12/3/11

"My husband and I have been using your soap for about 3 weeks now. He has psoriasis and it has worked miracles on his hands where it is the worst. They used to bust open all the time.. However since we started using your purity scrub soap his psoriasis doesn't bust his hand open nearly as much anymore. And as for me I am a huge fan of the Luv Spell it make me smell irresistible to him before bed time.. very pleasurable to fall asleep to this smell he says! Thanks Goat Milk Stuff!!!"
- MiRanda 9/14/11

"i started using the stain remover stick about a year ago after my sister recommended the soap for my psoriasis. When i saw how amazing my skin felt and read the testimonials about the stain stick, i had to try it. I couldn't believe the miracles it worked! i got out 2 day old blueberry stain from my 2 year old's p.j.'s! i was hooked. The secret, i found, to the magic of the stain remover stick is to get the spot in which one is trying to get clean really wet, scrub a little of the stick on the spot and rub the cloth until really soapy. The bubbles are the key to stain removal power! I have since been telling family and friends about it non stop, and am planning Christmas gifts accordingly! Thank you for this miracle soap!!"
- Laura 8/20/11

"I placed an order last Friday afternoon and expected to get my order by Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week, I was very shocked to find it in my mailbox when I got home from work on Monday. I want to thank PJ for enclosing the tea tree and purity which I have used on my hair where I have suffered from psoriasis for the past twenty years, I have noticed that the itching has decreased in just two shampoos and my skin feels like silk. I can't believe this soap and the difference that it has made. I have used other goats milk soap that I have purchased in stores and while my skin felt the difference from the regular non-goat milk, theirs did not leave my skin feeling so soft and clean. I am now going to try the laundry soap. I can't say thank you enough ya'll are wonderful."
- Felicie 8/3/11

"Hi PJ, I saw you and your family on NBC news,checked out your website and I am hooked. I have bad psoriasis on my hands and feet. None of the RX from dermatologists have worked as well as the soaps from GMS. I ordered the Oatmeal Milk & Honey...what a difference on my hands....my feet I am working on...I am placing another order...Thanks... p.s. If you think another soap will work for me better please change my samples... I am going to look into your Fundrasing....my daughter and my friends & family raise money for the American Cancer Society every year...I am a cancer survivor....what could be better then raising money and having smooth skin (: Thanks again. "
- Aimee 7/10/11

"I love the soap. It really makes my skin feel soft. I am hoping it will help the psoriasis on my elbows, and my allergy to nickel. I will let you know. The liquid soap really helps my hands not to dry out so much. Thanks for the great products!"
- Denise 3/28/11

"I have been dealing with eczema my entire life and recently discovered I had psoriasis.My 4 kids have inherited my skin, poor things. My mother was listening to the radio one day and heard PJ talking about GMS. She ordered me some OMH....from the very first use, I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. I ordered more soaps, tea tree, and a lotion stick to follow up. My whole family is now hooked- even the dog. My eczema is GONE. My psoriasis is GONE. My face is CLEAR (tea tree).My feet are SANDAL READY (lotion stick). My kids are smooth. This is LIFE CHANGING!"
- Tonia 3/24/11

"Thanks PJ. I do appreciate the extra half bar, we are a family of sensitive skin! Thanks again for the great soap you make, it has kept my kids soft and my husband psoriasis free!"
- Eleni

"Dear Jonas Family: I received my order yesterday and wanted to thank you for such prompt service. I also wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with your soap. It is of such wonderful quality and the packaging is absolutely adorable. I especially liked the ribbon touch to the washcloth. Tell the children they did a great job knitting. I will be placing many orders in the future. I would like to add that I have been using goat milk soap for over a year now to relieve my psoriasis. My former supplier moved out of state and is no longer in business. Finding an Indiana maker of soap was great, but the soap itself far exceeds my expectations!! I will be telling all my friends. Sincerely,"
- Mary 5/12/10

"Thank you for the e-mail. I have been impressed by you for many reasons, one of them being that you are so quick and very thourough. My 6 year old Son has Eczema and we have tried numerous creams (prescription and non-prescription) and we had been unable to find anything that would help it. Poor thing would scratch and scratch, sometimes to the point of bleeding. I found you're website and decided to give you're goats milk soap a try on him. Wow-were we impressed!! Eczema gone completely. We have one happy little boy (of course I'm happy too!!). Many of my co-workers are now ordering from you too and they are equally impressed with you're soap. One of them has a husband with psoriasis, and he even uses the goats milk soap to wash his hair. We all gathered around the computer at work and watched your news video-you have such a nice family and a wonderful product. I am anxious to try the laundry soap. Thank you,"
- Stacey 3/10/10

"PJ, Thanks for the quick shipping. It's snowed 7 inches here in Lanesville. You really didn't have to send my order out in all this mess. I definitely would have understood. Hope you had a safe trip and didn't risk life and limb to get out the order !! You're like my husband at the post office. . . . . . Neither snow, nor rain. . . ." I appreciate your time and talent in making the soap (It is delicious!!) . I found your soap at Auntie B's in Georgetown and fell in love with it. I sent some of the soap to distant friends at Christmas and recently used the last of my stash. I look forward to the soap and your newsletters. Who cares for your goats when you all are at these festivals and fairs? Your calendar is full. I can see why; once you've tried the goatmilk stuff, you're spoiled. I have a friend who suffers from psoriasis. Has anyone with this skin problem used your soap with success? Also, I took the time to watch the video about the family soap business. I am a jr. high teacher with 121 students; I understand your homeschooling ethic and appreciate ( and envy !) the time and patience you can spend with your children. Thanks for taking the time to email. Take care. Stay safe and warm.""
- Denise 2/8/10

"Just wanted to say what a great product you all make!! I just bought a bar over the weekend at the Madison Chautauqua - peppermint goat's milk soap. I had previously bought a bar a few months back at the court house days in Madison. I have psoriasis and had tried every kind of soap only to find that yours is the best. It makes your skin feel so clean, and keeps it clear of psoriasis and acne breakouts. I am going to tell all my friends about you and give them your website address. Good to know that it is sold at a store here in Madison where I live too. I also like it because it is long lasting and well worth the money. Also, I assume it was probably your son that was the great salesman at the Chautauqua. What a nice young man with a great personality. Sincerely,"
- Anissa 12/31/08

"Hello Jim and PJ... I just found your website and love the beautiful bars of soap. I have severe psoriasis and I have been using goat milk soap for about 3 months and have seen some improvement. I can't wait to try your soap! Your descriptions are so vivid, I can almost smell it through my computer screen. Thanks so much and have a good evening."
- Claudia 12/31/08

"Just wanted to say what a great product you all make!! I just bought a bar over the weekend at the Madison Chautauqua - peppermint goat's milk soap. I had previously bought a bar a few months back at the court house days in Madison. I have psoriasis and had tried every kind of soap only to find that yours is the best. It makes your skin feel so clean, and keeps it clear of psoriasis and acne breakouts.I am going to tell all my friends about you and give them your website address. Good to know that it is sold at a store here in Madison where I live too. I also like it because it is long lasting and well worth the money.Also, I assume it was probably your son that was the great salesman at the Chautauqua. What a nice young man with a great personality. Sincerely,"
- Anissa

"Hi PJ.....My soap arrived and it smells wonderful! My husband really likes the Kool Koala and I'd have to say that Pink Sugary is my favorite. That's not to discount the rest because they all smell great. I also like the size of the bars. They're large enough to share with other family members. I've already cut some of the bars to share with my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. We all love things that smell good such as candles, soaps. etc. Your soap has a nice, soft lather and leaves my skin soft. My daughter and I both have psoriasis and this soap is kind to our skin and non-drying. Thanks so much for shipping my order so quickly. I know I'll be re-ordering in the future. Have a great day!"
- Claudia