What is the difference between Sanitizer and Soap?

What is the difference between Sanitizer and Soap?

Today, more than ever, we are aware of the unseen world of microbes, bacteria and viruses. If you’re like us, you want to keep your family safe and protected from germs but also from harmful ingredients often found in hygiene and sanitation products. It can be quite a challenge trying to find a balanced product that both fights unwanted germs and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients.

What is the Difference Between Hand Sanitizer and Soap?

There are many factors that go into determining which is more healthy and effective: Hand Sanitizer or Soap. Arguments can be made for the safe and effective use of both products. We’ll get down to the true differences and benefits so you can be informed when choosing the right products for your family.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is typically an alcohol-based liquid or gel available in a spray or pump and can be scented or unscented. It is extremely convenient and effective to use Hand Sanitizer if you find yourself in a situation where you’re unable to wash your hands. Some commonly available Hand Sanitizers use an antibacterial ingredient called triclosan that has been shown to have some harmful effects. Others may include unnecessary ingredients like parabens or phthalates.

Our Custom Scented Hand Sanitizer is liquid-based and is available in an easy to use and very portable 1 oz spray bottle. We’ve chosen to formulate our Hand Sanitizer with a 91% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol base. We counteract the harsh sanitizing effects of alcohol with soothing organic aloe. You can customize your Hand Sanitizer from Goat Milk Stuff with a wide variety of fragrant essential and fragrance oils or choose unscented.

Hand Soap

Hand Soap comes in all forms. Whether you use a gel, liquid, antibacterial or traditional bar soap, washing your hands often is one of the best defenses against harmful bacteria and viruses. If you wash your hands too frequently with chemical-laden hand soap, and with hot water, your skin may dry out, peel or crack. When choosing Hand Soap, it’s important to pick one that also includes deeply moisturizing ingredients, like goat milk or olive oil to combat the frequent exposure to heat and water.

goat milk soap
"Love the scent and as always the great care that goes into your products!!" - Sabrina P.

We love a good Hand Soap here at Goat Milk Stuff! In fact, we have a full line of Goat Milk Soaps available that cleanse and protect your hands from germs while delivering a full dose of moisturizing goat milk. We also have Liquid Goat Milk Soap available in a convenient foamer bottle.

When to Use Hand Sanitizer Vs. Hand Soap

When you’re at home or at work (or working from home), you have an available sink and hand soap for thoroughly washing your hands after going to the restroom and before and after snacks or meals. When your hands are really dirty, like after digging in the garden, working on your car, or any other hands-on activity, it’s important to wash any dirt, dust or debris off with Hand Soap and water. Hand Sanitizer cannot effectively combat bacteria or viruses when there is too much grime or dirt present on the skin.

The CDC states that handwashing with soap and water is the best method for protecting you and your family from unwanted diseases and infections. It is important to properly wash your hands with soap and water frequently throughout the day. You should also wash your hands after interacting with any commonly used spaces. We often, unknowingly, touch our faces with our hands, transferring unwanted germs closer to areas like the mouth and eyes.

Most commonly used spaces are found outside of our homes and workspaces. Sometimes we find ourselves in unsanitary situations where we cannot access handwashing facilities. Hand Sanitizer is very portable and its ingredients allow you to fight unwanted germs on the go.

How to Properly Use Hand Soap

The CDC has specific steps they recommend to properly wash your hands. You may choose whichever type of Hand Soap you like but there is no evidence that antibacterial soap products are necessary to effectively fight germs. First, wet your hands with clean, running water. It does not matter if the water is hot or cold. In fact, washing with colder water may be easier on your hands and on your utility bill. Next, apply your preferred Hand Soap and work into a healthy lather. It is vitally important to remember to spread the lather around to the backs of your hands, in between your fingers, and around each wrist. The friction of lathering your hands completely will ensure the removal of all dirt, grease, microbes, and germs.

You should scrub your hands for a full 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday twice) to guarantee a thorough cleansing. Completely rinse your hands under clean, running water and fully dry them with a towel. You can air dry your hands as well but make sure you don’t touch any surfaces prior to your hands being totally dry. Wet hands spread germs more easily than dry hands.

How to Properly Use Hand Sanitizer

Whether you are using liquid or gel Hand Sanitizer, there is a proper way to apply it so that it is effective against the transmission of disease and infection. Similar to hand washing, applying Hand Sanitizer should be thorough. Remove as much surface dirt and grime as you can from your hands before sanitizing. Hand Sanitizer works best when it can come into direct contact with your skin. Make sure your Hand Sanitizer is applied to the backs of your hands, under fingernails, and around wrists as well as to palms.

Another important step to applying Hand Sanitizer is allowing it time to dry to ensure that it will work effectively. When you choose a safe Hand Sanitizer, there is no limit to how many times you can use it each day. Safe Hand Sanitizers don’t contain harmful ingredients, like triclosan. Fortunately, triclosan and other unsafe antibacterial agents have been banned by the FDA, making Hand Sanitizer safer to use.

Frequent daily use of both Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer will effectively defend you and your family from the unseen threat of germs. For Hand Soap, try our moisturizing selection of Goat Milk Soaps. Get a uniquely scented Hand Sanitizer with our selection of Custom Scented Hand Sanitizers - also available unscented. Whether you choose one or choose both, Goat Milk Stuff has got you covered!

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