How To Help Dry Knuckles

goat milk soap for dry knuckles

If you've been with Goat Milk Stuff long, you've probably heard me say that when I first started making goat milk soap, I initially made it for the children, because I did not want a bunch of chemicals on their skin. But when I put the soap in the shower, Jim's fingers stopped cracking and splitting.

Jim had tried everything to help his fingers to stay in one piece and we were amazed that using our goat milk soap made such a big difference. For most of the year, the soap is the only thing Jim uses on his skin.

His routine does change a little in the winter because we heat our house with wood. Although heating with wood tends to dry out the air inside the house, our goat milk soap still provides enough moisture for our family's skin.

Because Jim is the one who mostly loads the wood into the fireplace, the constant exposing of his hands to the drying effects of the fire causes his skin to need some extra help. Fortunately, it doesn't crack and split, but his fingertips do get drier than he likes.

Because "necessity is the mother of invention", I developed our lotion stick for him.

During the winter, every night before bed, Jim applies the lotion stick to his knuckles and finger tips. It provides the extra moisture that his knuckles need during the winter months.

Solid lotion for dry knuckles

Keeping his knuckles from drying out is that simple! When Jim remembers to apply the lotion, he doesn't have any trouble with dry skin on his knuckles or fingertips - despite repeatedly loading wood into the fireplace.

Have you tried our solid lotion yet?

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