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Today, the clean beauty movement is at an all time high. For years natural skincare products - soaps, lotions, lipstick, and makeup – have ruled the niche. But, now more than ever, natural hair care products are bursting onto the scene.

More and more people are trying to avoid harmful chemicals and also overcome hair and scalp issues naturally. Most people making the switch to natural shampoo and other hair care products didn’t just hop out of bed one morning and say… “I think I’ll switch my shampoo today!”…

They’re joining the clean haircare movement for the same reason people make the shift to clean eating and clean skin care... they’re choosing to avoid harmful chemicals because they want to look and feel their best.

If you too are looking for a healthy alternative to shampoos that irritate, dehydrate, or worse... contribute to long-term health issues, then this may be the most important article you read today.

In this article we’re going to take you beyond the hype of natural hair care and dive into 7 benefits a real, natural shampoo can deliver.

Here are 7 Benefits You Could Experience When Switching To A High-Quality, Natural Shampoo...

Benefit #1 High-Quality Natural Shampoo Eliminates Unsafe and Unhealthy Chemicals

If you really want to start reaping the rewards of a high-quality natural shampoo you’ve got to toss the junk.

To ensure you’re on the right path to getting an effective natural shampoo in your hands, start with the golden rule one would follow for clean living – less is more.

Just like clean eating and clean “everything else”, clean hair care requires you to use less ingredients.

Beware Of The Bubbles

A big, foamy lather is a telltale sign your shampoo isn’t as natural as you want it to be. If you’ve got a head full of foam after a dab of shampoo and a few healthy scrubs from your fingers, you’ve got some trouble. It’s a good possibility all those bubbles are created from the harsh chemical SLS.

SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) is a common toxin found in foaming agents used in shampoos. It’s also a key ingredient for engine degreasing. Chances are that’s not something you want to use on your scalp long term.

 Unscented Goat Milk Solid Shampoo Bar
"I love the shampoo. Rinses so clean and no need for conditioner. Hair is soft." - Carla W.

Other harsh chemicals commonly known to sneak into shampoos and ones you’ll want to avoid are Salicylic acid and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). True, these nasty ingredients are actually what make commercial shampoo so effective. But they come at a cost to your health. High “reward” comes with a high risk.

All Goat Milk Stuff Shampoo Bars are 100% free of harsh chemicals. So you don’t need to worry about unhealthy ingredients.

Benefit #2. A High-Quality Natural Shampoo Prioritizes The Health of Your Scalp

High-quality natural shampoos are great for all hair types, but they’re really great if you have a sensitive scalp. Just like the skin on the rest of your body, the scalp produces natural oils. Chemical compounds found in many name brand shampoos strip away the scalps' natural oils. When the natural oils are stripped away, the surface of the scalp can become irritated, dry, and unhealthy.

Natural shampoos that stimulate the scalp help the scalp hold natural oils that promote scalp health. Several high-quality natural shampoos also contain oils that condition the scalp and unclog hair follicles which strengthens hair and gives it a fuller look.

Which leads to benefit number three...

Benefit #3. A High-Quality Natural Shampoo Can Thicken Hair

Imagine one day you take a seedling and put it in a small flower pot with some fresh soil. After you put the flower and soil in the pot you give the little flower some support with a little pat for compaction and water to quench its thirst. Then, after a few days, you walk over to the little flower and cover it with a lid for a month... only to give it exposure to sun and water sporadically. What’s the result? That little flower has little to no chance of thriving.

This is similar to what happens when hair follicles on your scalp become clogged or blocked. Shampoos with chemicals are known to contain waxes, silicones, and other gunk that plug the pores on your head.

The result? A stunt in hair growth.

A high-quality natural shampoo can help thicken hair because it eliminates build up with a healthy cleanse. With the natural cleaning and unclogging of the hair follicles, new natural shampoo users may experience thicker hair.

Some new natural shampoo users may have so much build of chemical-laden shampoos they can experience a matted or sticky feel to their hair. This undesired result is due to the natural shampoo pulling the chemicals (like silicones) from the scalp up onto the hair itself. The good news is the sticky, matted feeling will subside after a couple of days to a few weeks if the natural shampoo remains as part of the shower routine.

Benefit #4. A High Quality Natural Shampoo Could Help with Hair Loss

There’s a big debate between doctors and aromatherapists on whether or not natural shampoos infused with essential oils can help hair loss. Rosemary in natural shampoo is one of the essential oils this argument is centered around.

Rosemary oil, some claim, is excellent for hair loss. While others think it’s hogwash to think an essential oil of any kind can improve genetic or autoimmune issues linked to hair loss. We don’t claim either here. We simply want to give you the information as to why we use rosemary in our natural shampoo.

Rosemary Mint Solid Goat Milk Shampoo Bar
"I have used this shampoo for a few years now, and it always amazes me how much lighter my hair feels after using it. It strips all of the heavy metals that get attached to my hair from our hard water and my hair feels so soft and light after washing. I do have to use some conditioner due to my long hair, but not nearly as much as I used to. I love this shampoo!" - Heidi M.

Rosemary is an essential oil derived from the rosemary plant. The plant’s pointy pine-like leaves can produce the rosemary essential oil through a distillation process, a process that has been mastered for centuries to solve common aches and pains. At one point, rosemary was believed to recoup memory.

The most common uses for rosemary in alternative medicine today are for its therapeutic benefits. For example, as it has been for centuries, rosemary oil is used by many practitioners today to relieve pain, kill microorganisms like bacteria and fungus, reduce inflammation, and provide antioxidant benefits.

As for rosemary in natural shampoo and its claimed benefits of hair loss, you may still be on the fence. Well if so, here’s something to consider. Rosemary essential oil is known to dilate the blood vessels, thereby improving circulation. This is a real bonus since hair loss has been linked to poor blood flow.

Rosemary essential oil also stimulates cell division. In theory, if you can increase blood flow and stimulate cell division, you can rev up hair follicles to grow or regrow hair.

Two of the actively treated hair loss disorders are Alopecia Areata (AA) and Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). Both disorders are treated with rosemary essential oil due to the belief that when applied, it can stimulate hair follicles.

Rosemary is also used to treat hair loss because of its ability to clean naturally. When applied, rosemary essential oil could unclog hair follicles and remove nasty skin conditions linked to hair loss. Plus a big bonus to it’s cleaning power, rosemary is a natural anti-fungal so it can revitalize and keep your hair clean. That means you’ll have a stronger healthier scalp and stronger hair.

If you’re not a fan of rosemary, there is another great essential oil that can help you get a healthier scalp and head of hair. That brings us to the next benefit...

Benefit #5. A High Quality Natural Shampoo Can Help Relieve Scalp Psoriasis

Like rosemary essential oil, tea tree essential oil in natural shampoos can give your scalp a boost too. Specifically when treating scalp psoriasis. Although tea tree oil does not cure scalp psoriasis, it can prevent buildup of dead skin caused by the disorder.

Tea tree oil can also act as a disinfectant for the scalp when continuous itching occurs due to the discomfort of scalp psoriasis. Plus, tea tree oil can give your scalp a boost of oxygen and jolt of nutrients to help heal parts of the scalp recovering from scalp psoriasis which can promote hair regeneration in the affected areas.

Benefit #6. A High-Quality Natural Shampoo Can Relieve Dandruff

Like the previous scalp disorders we’ve discussed, dandruff’s root cause is often associated with a build up of oil on the scalp or by irritated skin. Sometimes dandruff can occur due to fungi or not washing the hair enough. Regardless of the cause of dandruff, and even though it’s not dangerous, we can all agree it’s not something you want. Nobody likes chunks of scalp stuck in their hair or falling on their black shirt, right?

The good news is that natural shampoo can relieve dandruff like many other scalp conditions. Depending on the oils in the natural shampoo, the pH levels and moisture can restore balance to the scalp and hair reducing unnecessary flaking. Like the skin in your arms and legs, the scalp benefits greatly from natural moisturizers that hydrate and bring oxygen to its pores. Using natural shampoo over time can decrease the need for harsh hair treatments to get rid of dandruff. This will ultimately decrease the chances of scalp damage and help your hair stay free from flakes for the long run.

Benefit #7. A High-Quality Natural Shampoo Helps Planet Earth

Switching to a high quality natural shampoo can do more than bring vibrance back to your hair and help your scalp thrive. Natural shampoos are also eco friendly. By eliminating harsh ingredients, natural shampoos are less likely to damage water systems, aquatic life, or create long term problems for our ecosystems.

Also, many natural shampoo producers are making efforts to eliminate plastics for packaging and disbursement of their hair care products.

Here at Goat Milk Stuff we make an effort to ship our products with the ecosystem and recycling in mind. The beauty of our natural shampoo bars is that they are packaged in a recyclable cotton bag and not an ounce of plastic.

It’s Smart To Switch To A “Natural” Shampoo

All those benefits make a strong case for switching to a natural shampoo.

But let’s discuss that buzzword “natural” for a moment. These days you see it everywhere. The reality is that many skincare and hair care manufacturers can loosely use terms like “natural”, and “chemical free”, when it comes to labeling their products because there is no regulation on those terms. It’s hard to know who to trust.

And even though many of the products in the beauty industry are officially regulated by the FDA, there is little enforcement. Meaning product manufacturers oversee themselves and can say (or not say) just about anything they want on the front and back of their bottles.

This lack of transparency and enforcement can lead to wasted purchases on your part. And more time searching for a hair shampoo that actually works. And, possibly an investment to fix a skin condition caused by harsh chemicals hidden in your haircare.

The bottom line…. read your labels. Thoroughly check your manufacturers’ ingredient lists (we openly share our ingredients list). And buy from a credible producer that you believe in.

It’s the only way to avoid toxic chemicals in your shampoo.

That’s the number one reason we started making hand-crafted goat milk soap in the first place. I used to use the same commercial baby wash for our family’s bath and shower routine – guilty!

But once I started reading the labels and doing a little research, there’s no way I could lather my kids up in petroleum based chemicals and preservatives (and all the other yuck found in leading brand skin care products) another day.

And so I started making my own goat milk soap. It wasn’t too long after we created a goat milk soap that’s actually “natural” and loaded with benefits for the skin, that we turned our focus to haircare. We wanted to trust what we used on our scalps as much as what we were using on our skin.

Tea Tree Solid Goat Milk Shampoo Bar
I love this shampoo bar! Using so much less plastic in my daily routine feels so freeing. My hair is soft and not oily feeling and doesn't need to be washed everyday either. It feels healthy even in dry weather. Love this product!” - Kim G.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a hair or scalp condition, maybe you’re ready to toss the plastic tubes and bottles of shampoo. Or if you’re on the fence about switching to a natural shampoo and want to make sure you get a high-quality natural shampoo that’s actually safe and effective, then we have a stellar recommendation.

Try Goat Milk Stuff Natural Shampoos For Better Hair and Scalp Health

Your scalp and skin deserve the best. And we care about our customers’ skin as much as we do our own. When you use Goat Milk Stuff natural shampoo you no longer have to worry about hormone disruptors or gunk hidden in your shampoo bottle that can cause harm to your body. Goat Milk Stuff’s natural shampoo ingredients contain zero harsh chemicals.

Bottom line, when you use our skin care or hair care products you’re getting healthy ingredients for your body powered by the finest natural goat milk on the market.

If you’ve been searching for a natural shampoo, there’s a kajillion of them out there that you can choose from. While some are great, the majority are not. Because the truth is…

Not All Natural Shampoos Are Created Equal

At Goat Milk Stuff, we use food grade ingredients in our shampoo bars. We first infuse rosemary and nettles in olive oil because of the benefits they provide for your hair and scalp. Then we add raw goat milk, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, and jojoba oil. And we saponify the whole recipe to turn it into a solid shampoo bar.

This Shampoo bar has been used by thousands of people and has hundreds of 5-star reviews. Throughout the year, we offer several limited edition shampoo bar scents, but at all times, we have three varieties available.

Shop Rosemary Mint Goat Milk Stuff Shampoo.

Shop Tea Tree Goat Milk Stuff Shampoo.

Shop Unscented Goat Milk Stuff Shampoo.

You can count on these Goat Milk Stuff Natural Shampoo Bars to treat your hair and scalp the way they deserve.

Let us know if you have any questions about Goat Milk Stuff shampoo bars. And we appreciate it if you share this post with friends, family and your social media community.


10 Responses

Goat Milk Stuff
Goat Milk Stuff

January 25, 2023

Hi Rachel, I’m so sorry that you’re not having a nice, easy transition period! I wish I had a cure for speeding it up. You can try not shampooing as frequently while still transitioning. I said a prayer that helps! PJ


January 25, 2023

I’ve been using the rosemary mint shampoo for several weeks now but have to use a vinegar rinse or switch back and forth to my old shampoo due to the residue oily feeling left in my hair after shampooing.
I’ve learned about the transition period but can’t help to switch back due to my hair after a few washes with bar soap seems a oily mess. I don’t know what to do during this period of transition.
I love the bar soap except for this. I’ve tried other bar soaps before and had the same results. I must say though, it has totally calmed my scalp down.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Goat Milk Stuff
Goat Milk Stuff

August 22, 2022

Carol M. – We have many women with grey hair that love our shampoo bar. We do not offer a conditioner because we can’t make a good one with ingredients we feel are safe. Many people find they no longer need a conditioner once they’ve made a switch to our natural shampoo. Others apply a (very little!) bit of our lotion to their hands and run their fingers through their hair. Keep in mind that it can take a little while for your hair to transition to a natural shampoo. Some people find their hair transitions immediately and for others it can take a few weeks. Hope that helps! PJ

Carol M.
Carol M.

August 22, 2022

I have grey hair that is very dry and flyaway. Would goat milk stuff shampoo be OK for grey hair? I have heard that vinegar is good for hair as it takes out soap residue. I also love earthy scents you have and don’t like some flowery perfumes. Do you have a conditioner? I found out olive oil is the best, but it doesn’t separate well and gets rancid over time. Thanks, I liked the cranberry soap you had for Christmas.

Goat Milk Stuff
Goat Milk Stuff

July 12, 2022

Carol – most people find that it does not strip the color. In fact, several people have said that they think it extends their color. But… there have been one or two who feel it negatively impacted their color. When I asked them what they use, it was always inexpensive home coloring kits. Hope that helps! PJ

Carol Sexton
Carol Sexton

July 12, 2022

Does your shampoo bar strip the color from dyed hair?

Goat Milk Stuff
Goat Milk Stuff

April 09, 2022

Hi Mary – they will all work equally well. Choose the scent that most appeals to you. :)

Hope that helps!


April 09, 2022

I’m wondering which shampoo bar would be best for gray hair.

Goat Milk Stuff
Goat Milk Stuff

August 03, 2021

Linda- I am so glad the shampoo is helping your itching. We do offer an Unscented Shampoo Bar but if any of our soaps get into your eyes they will irritate them. We do recommend the Tea Tree Essential Oil for Psoriasis, so I would stick with that and try to avoid your eyes as much as possible!

Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor

August 03, 2021

I’ve used the tea tree shampoo bar for my psoriasis on my scalp. It does help the itching etc. The tea tree oil hurts my eyes so I need to be very careful. Are there any other scents that would work as well? It sounds like that is my only choice. I love your soap for my body as does my husband. Our skin is so much better. Thank you

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