Are the Products You're Using Safe?

Are the Products You're Using Safe?

Have you ever been subject to a product recall? It can be a scary experience.

I remember a few years ago we had a product recall on the airbags in our family vehicle. The only problem? The dealerships didn't have the parts available to replace the airbags. It took over six months for the correct parts to become available.

So the next 6 months driving, we were extra fearful of getting into an accident. We knew that if an accident deployed the airbags, they could explode or send out pieces of metal. It was not a fun position to be in. We had to weigh the risk against being able to travel as a family.

The truth is that product recalls happen all the time. Some of them are big enough (or dangerous enough) that they make the news. Other times you receive a letter in the mail - which is what happened with our airbag issue.

Recalls can be for various items - from cars to food to medicines to bath & body items. The latest one that caught my eye (and prompted this blog post) is this one...

Unilever Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant Powder and Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant Fresh Due to Presence of Slightly Elevated Levels of Benzene

That's the FDA headline which is very informative and to the point. The scary news headlines read more like this Yahoo headline...

Popular Deodorant Recalled Over Elevated Levels of Cancer-Causing Ingredient

Benzene is classified as a known "human carcinogen" (cancer-causing agent). That's why the news headline is accurate as well as scary. According to the FDA website, benzene is not an ingredient in Suave's deodorants. Apparently, the benzene was in the propellent used in the aerosol.

Benzene can enter the human body orally, topically, or by inhalation. When it enters the body, it can cause various forms of cancer. And even though we know this, the FDA still allows Benzene to be present in amounts of 2 ppm or less.

So apparently, the recall was not because there was Benzene in the antiperspirant. The recall was because there was "too much" Benzene.

These types of issues are why I started making natural products for my family. I didn't want to apply products to my children's skin and then find out they contained "too much carcinogen."

Let's discuss 9 ways you can protect yourself and your family from potential product recalls.

#1. Boost Your Immune System. Your body is regularly subject to toxins. These toxins could be from carcinogens like benzene, bacteria like e-coli, or air pollutants like second-hand smoke. Having a healthy immune system is one of the best ways to defend against dangerous exposures.

#2. Choose Natural Products. The world we live in is full of pollutants. Did you know that scientists have detected plastics in human blood for the first time? Fortunately God gave you a wonderful organ called your liver to help detoxify your body. But the more natural choices you make, the less chance your liver has of being overwhelmed.

#3. Use Products from Health-Conscious Small Businesses. Large corporations often use large equipment. That equipment reqularly requires lubricants to keep the equipment running. And it's possible for those lubricants to find their way into the products you consume. Small businesses rarely use this kind of large machinery.

Industrialization may sometimes lead to lower costs. But if those lower costs come at the cost of our long-term health, I don't believe they're worth it. Small businesses tend to focus on the long-term value of their products.

The Jonas Family

#4. Read Labels. Know what is in the products you are using. And if you don't know what an ingredient is - ask. And remember, some companies don't list all their ingredients. Find out if there are ingredients used that aren't listed. (Note: Goat Milk Stuff always lists all ingredients and we don't hide anything).

#5. Ask Questions. Get educated. That's the best way to keep you and your family healthy. In our modern society, we're often so busy that we need to become as efficient as possible. But don't sacrifice your long-term health to save a few minutes here or there.

#6. Grow Some of Your Own Food. You may not be able to grow much of your own food. But can you grow something? Even fresh herbs on a window sill are a wonderful addition to your food. Knowing where your food comes from and how your food is processed is a great way to keep yourself healthy.

Harvest from the garden

#7. Buy From a Farmer You Know and Trust. Can you source some of your food from a local farmer? Preferably one that that follows healthy, sustainable practices? Food insecurity is a real problem in our country and it is only going to get worse. Supporting your local farmers is good for the health of your family. Plus it's also good for the environment, our economy, and our longevity.

#8. Cook Your Own Food. Many food recalls are on food that is ready to eat. For example - precut cantaloupe is a common source of bacteria. As are ready to eat salad mixes. Cooking and preparing your own meals may be time consuming. But make it family time and it is a great way to save some money.

#9. Keep a Full Pantry. Keeping a full pantry won't stop you from being subject to product recalls. But it will help you stay safe from them. Let's use the deodorant example. I don't know how long it took for Unilever to identify the problem with their deodorant safety. But if it took them 2 months and you have a 3 month supply of deodorant. You wouldn't have started to use the bad deodorant just yet. A full pantry will save you time because you'll need fewer last minute shopping trips. It can also save you money (especially during inflation) while it protects against product recalls.

I hope you enjoyed those 9 ways to protect yourself and your family from product recalls.

And in case you weren't aware...

Goat Milk Stuff does make Natural Deodorant without any benzene - not even less than 2 ppm!

The simple ingredients include: Coconut oil, Arrowroot powder, Baking soda, Beeswax, Shea butter, Salt, and Dehydrated goat milk. We also have a formula without any baking soda for those who are sensitive to it.

Goat Milk Stuff Natural Deodorant

We work hard to use the best ingredients possible. When I first started Goat Milk Stuff, I made a promise. I promised that I would never sell a product that I wouldn't use on my own children or grandchildren. I've kept that promise. But I also constantly read and update myself about the safety of our ingredients.

For example, I recently discontinued the use of organic soybean oil in our products. I did this because new reports show that the organic soybean supply is being contaminated by GMO soybeans. Since I won't use GMO soybean oil, I completely discontinued the use of organic soybean oil.

As I recommended above, if you ever have any questions about any Goat Milk Stuff product ingredient, please ask!

PJ & Crew

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