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Clean Cotton Goat Milk Soap


Clean Cotton Goat Milk Soap FULL BAR
This goat milk soap not only has many benefits for your skin, but it also lathers well and is very long-lastingEach blue bar smells just like clean laundry.

Goat Milk Soap Size: Full bars weigh between 5 and 5.3 oz.  They are hand-cut, so measurements will vary, but they are roughly 3.5" long by 1.7" wide by 1.7" high.  Please see the soap size comparison chart for details on the various soap sizes.

Packaging: The soap comes in a cotton drawstring bag with the scent hand-stamped on the front so you can easily identify each bar.  

    Goat Milk Soap Ingredients: Raw goat milk;  Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, organic soybean oil; Fragrance; Natural color, Titanium Dioxide. 

    Soap Inspired Feelings
    You've pinned the last sheet to the line, so you set the laundry basket down and raise your face to the sun. The wind ruffles your hair as it blows on the freshly laundered sheets. As you move back to the house, you can tell that the sheets are already mostly dry from the sun baking down on them. You take a moment to lift one to your nose and breathe in the scent of clean cotton that has been dried in the fresh air and sunshine. This soap will remind you of the fresh scent of newly laundered cotton and leave you feeling fresh and clean.

    A Note About Safety: This soap should feel fantastic all over your body, except directly in your eyes. To discover any possible allergic reaction, test the soap on a small area of skin first. If a reaction occurs, stop using it and try one of our different recipes that work well with your skin.