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Limited Edition Goat Milk Soaps

We make a variety of seasonal and special soaps throughout the year. These soaps sometimes last a few months, but sometimes they only last a few weeks. They are available for a limited time period while supplies last, so don't delay if it's a favorite scent or one you wish to try. 

You can also check out our Future Limited Edition Goat Milk Soaps.

  • goat milk soap cedarwood vanilla

    Cedarwood Vanilla Goat Milk Soap (November)

    The Cedarwood Vanilla Goat Milk Soap is a blend of cedarwood essential oil with a hint of vanilla to soften it slightly. This is a Limited Edition ...

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  • goat milk soap hazelnut

    Hazelnut Goat Milk Soap (November)

    This delicious smelling Hazelnut Goat Milk Soap turns brown from the vanilla that is added to the hazelnut. It has a warm, rich smell. This is a Li...

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